The Monster

The monster

I, as the greatest detective since Edagar Alan Poe’s C. August Dupin (sic), have made the break-through discovery – Steven Avery has an undiscovered, and yet utilized alibi for the night of October 31st – his name is –wait for it — Brendan Dassey!

Brendan, when called by his uncle Steve, went to his house for a Halloween bonfire, he didn’t see the missing young woman there, nor could he describe her in any way, what she looked like, her hair, her clothes, her eyes were unknown to him. His account for that night is that he and his uncle had fun riding around on the golf cart, looking for wood for the fire.

The state, when they learned that Brendan was an Alibi for Avery, commenced with a systematic hit job on a young man who has a particular quirk – a young man who says yes to virtually every question he is asked.

In fact, the states destruction of the alibi is one of the only true motives that can be seen in this whole ordeal – destroy Brendan Dassey at all costs – then run an illicit PR campaign, poisoning the jury pool – to make sure ,“An Avery,” would never ever be seen riding around town in a 36 million dollar Cadillac. The Sheriffs feud with the Avery’s is a recurring theme here.

To this day with the continuation of the States planting false evidence through the prosecutors tawdry and misleading book, the long standing feud becomes increasingly apparent in remarks such as:

“You know, the Avery Clan” with snickers – and the constant harping on the cat while meanwhile skating over the absolute impossible crime scene scenario which would involve a special bleach that would only kill Teresa Halbach’s DNA.

Meanwhile, blood sample CX, found from a male in the quarry, was never run against the national database, nor were other samples from the pink cuffs. Sound familiar? – the Feuding Sheriffs need not look further, they had their man in Avery and they would destroy Dassey or anyone else to make sure of it.

Michael Griescbach gives me important insights, both by his actions and what he has written in numerous places – that once prosecutors arrived at the yard the day the Rav4 was “found,” no one, in either agency, made any attempt to look at anyone but Avery – saying : “ he was the one they knew capable of this.”

Is that so? Sounds like a special license to take liberties with the evidence to me – and re-affirmed in his actions of planting false renditions of evidence in his book to gloss over the shoddy and suspect investigation that did occur.

And I am not aware of Avery committing murder to warrant such a statement.

The judge barred Brendan’s defense from using the interrogation tapes to show what context detectives were able to cherry pick statements from him – the young man who says yes a lot and wants to please – I am willing to call this something – something from the worst blackness of humanity – pure – unadulterated – EVIL.

There’s your monster.



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