Did SGT Cross Burning Wendy Plant Avery Evidence in Halbachs SUV – with Bloody Rag

(UPDATE – I added some doc fragments at the bottom – I point out the Grand Am search warrant as possible source of bloody rag because they are so out of wack and disputed apparently by Avery in civil suit — but I believe this rag could have come from anywhere including a warantless search of the garage —  the story of finding it at a “Brutus hit” being a cover – since it clearly can’t be true. )

Did SGT Wendy Baldwin plant Steven Avery’s blood in the Rav4 – causing a frenzied chain of events to establish a crime, and come-up with a body.

On Nov 5th, Baldwin gained possession of a bloody rag — falsely claiming it came from the vehicle next to the Rav4 saying that Cadaver dog Brutus “hit” on it.

These claims were made in affidavits for search warrants and then forgotten.

However testimony from Brutus’s handler do not show any such hit on this vehicle nor is there one on record. Yet the rag very much exists, going into inventory and then being downplayed. As well as Kratz keeping Baldwin as far away from taking the stand and the story as possible – yet now having the records, anyone who looks at the search Warrants will see that Baldwin is front and center.

Wendy Baldwin Affidavit bloody rag


*The bloody rag was obtained by Baldwin during an illegal search of the Grand Am which was entered before Baldwin and Kratz put together paper work for a search warrant. Thus, the warrant on the Grand AM was itself put in place to cover that they had already gained access to Avery’s blood, in the car and on the rag, that had been moved to the fictisiou Brutus “hit” location next to the Halbach vehicle

Baldwin, who was refereed to as “the chick” by Deputy Weigart when telling deputy Remiker that his boss, the Calumet Sheriff, was up doing a fly over of the Avery yard together with Baldwin on NOV 4th. The day before the vehicle was “found.”

The vehicle was vehemently said to have “not been entered” despite all common sense that says it should have been — to find clues for a missing person – if that is what they were doing.

The vehicle was left with branches over the doors to say one thing — that Calumet had not entered the vehicle —  so if anything is discovered –  it was not them that put it there,

The whereabouts and location of the bloody rag are completely unaccounted for.

All three of these persons involved have subsequently been revealed in Scandal.

1, Wendy Baldwin (Schmitz) was fired from her job as investigative SGT of Calumet county for burning a cross on a lawn and uploading the video online. She however was allowed to stay on as a dispatch operator.

  1. Ken Kratz took part in covering up the Warrant-less search by signing it after the fact. Lost his job as prosecutor in a sexting scandal in which he breached the ethics of office.

Sheriff Jerry Page has made numerous false statements to the press during the investigation.

Kratz, knew this, and knew the EDTA test  would come back in their favor – not the scenario if they gambled on an officer going into the blood vial or not.


*This is a somewhat esoteric statement as you have to ask how Brutus could have hit on the vehicles on the 6th, when they are not there on the yard. And if she meant the 5th in affidavits for searches of the Avery property, then Weigart’s report is wrong — though Baldwin was out in Crivtz according to the report.













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