The Heatherlys

The Heatherlys

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I had sworn it off for good. I can’t tell you how many years I spent fighting off the demons from those criminals. Just walking down the street, looking into various individual eyes and wondering – is that one of them, or that one? – it was all too much. I stopped reading the news entirely as every article was making me suspicious, I could sense them. I tried getting help but it was hopeless. How unlikely it seemed I could get my head fixed if I couldn’t tell the therapist the real truth. But there was no way I would ever say how many hundreds of years I believed this chase had been going. Last time I had tried that I had to move to a new town.

The closest call was when a newsman turned and asked how a certain crime was unraveled so quickly – the price for becoming a butinksi in a local case. “That’s easy,” – though I didn’t say this out loud, “you could smell them, especially the daughters.”

It was one night a few years ago. I was in the right space. The remaining time I shall now spend only on higher levels, on spiritual paths, far away from the arguments and endless toil of mankind — its rat wheel ever scratching – the disease of more. The crazed pursuit of the I. I had now found serenity.

And so complete was the peace on entering the room that night that even the harsh lights and plain predictable walls and furniture of this meeting room seemed like it was enough for my needs.

We meditated for the hour in delight.

And afterward, as fellowship began, it happened. A new-comer introduced himself and started to speak in front of me. So green he was, and making the mistake so many do of holding on to the troubles one brings in the door, –. Poor dear. Let go, I thought, just let go. But hmm – he was a lawyer after all, and who am I but nobody as there never was anyone to exist in the first place. Just stories coming into the head from mysterious places. Old dark places of myths.

He was rambling about a murder case of all things. OK – no need to judge, I’ve after all been there many times – and though I have now moved on, he is exactly where he needs to be at this moment now. Oh what a great growth opportunity – just let him talk, let the words flow like a river, onward undisturbed to the peaceful place.

And he kept talking. Surely I could entertain a word or two for old times sake – having the safety of a higher controlled state within me.

So big deal, there was a boy in prison, a feud a crooked judge – the usual. No problem.

Something about a private detective hired by the victim, and a bullet. So what.

“Where did the bullet come from” I heard come out of my mouth. My heart starting to beat a little faster.

“Oh” he answered, “the husband – he had been shot at the time too but survived, and the doctors had left a bullet in him because it was safer.”


“Who said that” I said, I could feel a little bead of sweat form on my back.

“Well,” he continued, “I know they said he underwent surgery to get the bullet out so he could find his wife’s killer, life threatening he said. something like that.” he said “Which is admirable, but I think he just has the wrong guy….”

Oh sure you do, I thought. Mistaken identity perhaps. He’s probably right. Breathe.

“Who said that?” I heard myself demand.

“Oh, well let me see, hey I didn’t know you guys got into stuff like this, but uh, they got the bullet out and gave it to a nurse.”

I knew my hands were shaking so I put them behind my back. I composed myself. Yes back to the river let it flow. Peace, none of this really exists. This poor man all worked up over his little case. Let’s just be silent. I paused with my eyes closed for nearly a minute.

Then he spoke.

“Oh yeah, he took the bullet to England.”

Cold and numbness set in,

“Excuse me” I said.

“Yeah, Scotland yard, can you believe that?”


I felt myself slipping. I could no longer stop the old feeling from emerging hearing my Kentucky in my head – my soul shaking. A hot rush shot through me as the words came to my mouth – mumbling silently:

“the Heatherly’s!”

“Oh, his names Ferguson.” said the Lawyer.

“Of course” I thought – he has no idea does he.

Just then time slipped away.

1834 – Western Missouri.

The warm night air was split by the sound of pounding hoofs rising and falling in front of her young frame. Haylee saw the half moon shimmering ahead of her upon the Grand River where it turned north, away from the settlements. Pharaoh snorted beneath her as they slipped through a small group of thickets. Dunbar was was in hot pursuit behind her. He was the most unsavory character. A cousin from Illinois that Ma brought into the gang who had been riding with the family much too long she thought. He had his uses,”said Pa, but right now it was just Dunbar being a real pain in her ass chasing her down like some animal – she knew what he wanted too but he would never get it – and besides, they were late as it was for the rendezvous at the northern fork where the Pottawatomie were deposed to be.

As they came to the river, Pharaoh stopped fast and bucked a few times at waters edge, then turned right and ran along the shallows. Fortune favored Dunbar as the opportunity of confusion allowed Dunbar to grapple at Haylee from the side, pulling her towards his steed while the horses continued along the bank in full stride.
“I think you owe me something girl, or maybe your big sister Hadlee does, the pretty sister, but I recon I can collect from you all the same” shouted Dunbar. He reached out towards her, grabbing her shirt.

“Would you shut the fuck up stupid, those are Indians up there and they will hear you.” she said pulling back.

“Hell” said Dunbar, “it wont take me long with a little girl like you. Anyway the rivers kind of nice and loud here, ought to drown out any funny noises you might make.”

Dunbar grabbed Haylee pulling her off Pharaoh, throwing them both into the shallow water.

Haylee’s face shown bright in the moon, her eyes glistening as she lay back in the stream– she smiled up at the moon past Dunbar’s hideous face while her hand reached behind her for her prize.

“You want this huh?”

“Maybe.” said Dunbar

You think I am pretty?” said Halley now pinned under Dunbar who started pulling at her shirt.

“Pretty, oh yeah, well lets see,” Dunbar was ripping Haylee’s shirt open to show her bear chest.

“Do you like?” Haylee’s hand fingered around her little silver shiv she had won a while back from one of the now deceased “family customers.”

“Oh, Yeah,” cried Dunbar “not quite full grown yet but real handsome, yes sir.”

“What you mean, I am no boy you pervert. Bet you are disappointed.”

“”Oh, no” flubbed Dunbar.

“Well I am glad you like them, get a good look cause that’s all you will ever get.” Haylee saw the horses coming up behind Dunbar’s looming figure “show’s over.”

The earth shook as hoofs took over the moment at hand, as the clan came up riding along the Grand River, in full stride. At Haylee, a huge hand reached down, yanking her straight up in the air, swinging her round to the back of Pa’s brown steed. The girl flew high and fell back into George Heatherly’s saddle wrapping one arm around his neck, while her tattered wet shirt flew open – half naked in the wind.

“Woo woo woo,” Haylee mouthed with her hand slapping her face like the Indians do “Go daddy.”

Haylee whistled back for Pharaoh who’s ears perked and head turned. Her sister Hadlee grabbing the young colts reigns, narrowing the gap while coming up from behind to converge.

“I was just playing with him Daddy.” cried Haylee.

“We need all the men we can get right now girl.” Said George, looking back at Dunbar on his knees. “Such as they are.”

George pulled out a flask and took a big pull then returned it to his pocket. Hadlee watched the whole thing and pulled the silver bottle out for herself, taking a similarly long drawn swig, and shook violently.
Holding the flask in the air, Haylee yelled back behind her “Come on Dunbar, get your but up, you piggy loafer”.

A figure pulled along side her, the pretty sister.

“Haylee you better slow down and start getting right or there won’t be nothing left to live when you actually do grow up, and put that Whiskey back in Pa’s jacket”

Hyacinth had arrived, a stunning young beauty of golden hair and deep green mystic eyes. She rode up beside the patriarch with two young men on either side like pistols. Her hair flew out in the moonlight beneath her riding hat, she was the eldest daughter who lit up the night like the moon – and so thought her Pa George many times. He adored her, too much over the others he thought.

“You’re late Hyacinth,” snapped George.

“Sorry Daddy, they was all drinking from that weird pot JJ made. Where’s momma?”

“She’s probably up there already waiting, and mad I suspect cause we’re not on time as usual. She’ll be up on the other side of the river with that boy of hers,

“Hawke’s our brother daddy” said Hadlee.

“He might be, but that don’t make him my son” muttered George.

Hadlee rode up from behind with Haylee’s horse Pharaoh and immediately became boss.

“Get on your own horse Haylee, and put on your shirt.” she barked.

Hadlee, the second Heatherly girl, never minced her words and got her way most of the time. She was not the prettiest of the three sisters but made up for it with a cunning and shrewdness to watch out for, that is if you could catch it in time. Life was just easier to go along with Hadlee’s demands.

A dark shadow loomed in front of the night light, someone was fast approaching.

“Someone’s coming” said Dunbar. Coming up from behind.

“Fucking genius,” sneered Hadlee.

“Wait” said George “don’t shoot em, its JJ.”

The dark man swooped back and circled in next to the pack with no break in his gate.

“Their all up there, like I been saying, about 39 ponies in all.”

They all looked north and paused for a moment.

“Should we pray?” asked Pa.

“Do we have to be Catholic when Mommas not around?” asked Haylee.

They all looked around at each other with a resounding “no.”

“Well what are we waiting for then?” yelled Pa.

Haylee hopped over on to her colt Pharaoh and hollered a Yeee aahh in to the air, The horses snapped into unison as they all leaned in together to the right, and off they went. Up the eastern shore of the Grand River, across the western Missouri plains rode the Heatherly’s.

Ma and Hawke

Ma Heatherly and Hawk had arrived at the woods edge where they could watch the river rendezvous without giving themselves away to the Pottawatomie’s. They could just barely make out the shapes and multicolored markings on the ponies on the far bank they would soon be borrowing off,

Hawk was 16 years and somewhat skinny but rather well featured, Ma watched as he leaned down to the ground and grabbed some mud – proceeding to finger it on to his face in various directions.

“He don’t like me” said Hawk, “he never will own me like he does the girls. “I wish I could be on the other side right now, sneaking up on the ponies with Haylee.”

“I tell you” answered Ma “they’re will be plenty of action yet, so don’t you fret. You will get your chance to play your part.”

Ma, was a handsome woman who wore gloves and a tight jeans jacket with a bright colored scarf wrapped around her throat. She looked colorful like an actress as much as she could living a somewhat hard scrabble existence.

“Oh Hawke, what do we do with you” she said quietly to herself.

Sneaking up on the Pottawatomie, George, Hyacinth, shrewd Hadlee and vivacious Haylee, along with the interlopers including Hyacinth’s two men – Jack and Spider – and of course the despicable Dunbar, they tied off their horses and proceeded to creep up the shore line to the ponies. As the gang eased closer in on the Indian village they could make out the tops of teepees off to the right but saw no men around the river except some smaller figures laying on blankets up-stream quite a ways off – sleeping according to JJ. The ponies by now had fortunately wandered down stream a fair bit.

JJ whispered “I been luring them off, throwing these apples one by one, each a little closer each time”

“Good idea” said Paw.

“Thank you” said Hadlee.

JJ Shrugged at her.

“There is a couple of guards out up there,”continued JJ, “but they are just a few boys. If they do wake up and notice something going on, they wont be much trouble to us.”

“So they don’t have nothing that holds them ponies in at night.” Asked one of the men.

“No,”said JJ “they just keep a few tied off and then round em up each morning. You can see the one tied off up there. And the rest usually don’t go too far.”

“unless they have a reason” Paw looked at his beauty.

“We just walk em down river a piece and then cross em over to Ma.”

The gang commenced to sneak up on the ponies in the half moonlit night and lead them down to where their horses were. They mounted their rides and began to push and cajole the ponies into the water. George, Hanna and her men in front and the rest in the rear. However all the ponies were not wanting to go across as easy as they thought and they soon started to quarrel with the idea. This started into a bit of a stir in the water that made Hyacinth nervous.

“Paw” trying to throw her voice across river in a whisper. “Paw, their not liking this.” continued Hyacinth.

Hadlee was getting mad at the ponies and kicked one who then tried to bite her.

Haylee and George had reached the opposite river bank with a few ponies but when they finally looked back they then realized that most were lagging and not wanting to swim out at all. They were getting real noisy too.

“Would you shush those horses up Hyacinth” barked Hadlee to her sister. “And stop that splashing.”

“Oh really, is that right now?” said Hyacinth.

“Shush” said Maw riding out of the tree line with Hawke, y’all going to wake the whole world.

Hanna, Haylee and Dunbar kept pushing on the ponies trying to coax them on but instead they started getting into a panic, a few just fell out washing off downstream, whinnying as they disappeared into the night.

Just then they heard disaster as the alarms went off. The Pottawatomie’s were awake and voices were clearly being heard coming from their camp. The night raid was falling apart on the Heatherly’s. No sooner had George ridden back across the river to help push on the ponies than up from the opposite bank Hyacinth was surprised by the arrival of the Indian boys on those ponies that had been tied off. The ones who were sleeping no doubt, who were now mad as hell about being cheated on their watch, she thought.

One of the boys jumped on to Hyacinths horse knocking her to the ground and another boy captured Haylee, carrying them both up river to where the other boys were. The Pottawatomie boys stood there holding the girls as a captive. The one boy yelling at them and pointing to the ponies. It was clear he wanted the ponies back and he believed they now had the upper hand.

Hawke stood in the middle of everything and had to move out of the way when Jack went for the boy that held his Hyacinth, yet froze when he heard the shots. It was George who had started shooting at the coming men and women from the Pottawatomie village, not ready to give up on stealing the ponies, he yelled over to Hawk to grab the ones they got across and go, but Hawk stood there looking at the knife the boys had on Haylee and did nothing. He loved her he thought to himself.


“Hold up” yelled Ma.

Pa looked up river and saw that the group of men coming at them wasn’t slowing much from the gunshots – it was sinking in that the raid was foiled. The Indians were quickly surrounding them. Pa ordered the girls across the river around the ponies, now looking at Hyacinth being held by the boys, as if it was the first time he noticed they had captured her.

The Heatherly’s reached the other side and in a gesture of “oops” Paw motioned to send the ponies back to the rightful owners. At which point the Indian men jumped in the water and started gathering them up. As the ponies reached the eastern shore it could be seen that some had thankfully retrieved the ponies who had fallen in the water.

There was a long cold pause in the air.

The boys then released Haylee and Hyacinth who ran over to Paw and found her ride.

Pa looked to the Indian men as to get a pass,

JJ road up to Hawk.

“Not much use are you, letting that happen?” He said.

Jack who had been staring down the Indian boys the whole time, looked at the girl he loved, Hyacinth, and then drew his pistol and shot at one of the Indian boys.

“You stupid son of a bitch” said Ma. “Let’s get out of here”.

The Heatherly’s high tailed it.

The Indian boys mounted their horses and pursued the Heatherlys.

Several Indian men also mounted their ponies and pursued as well as the Heatherlys headed their horses for the wooded trail where they scattered.

The Indian men saw the boys who had been charged with guarding the ponies in pursuit of Jack. They stopped and discussed the matter, deciding to ride back and let the boys settle the matter in which ever way they saw fit.

The Heatherly’s plan was botched.

Dawn broke the next day and the sun warmed the wet weed as the gang retreated to their humble home southwest of the settlements.

Haylee approached the Cabin on foot, she had been walking Pharaoh who was beat up as she was.

Hanna was back already as well. They both were starving and went over to the pans and found some cakes left. Pa and Ma came in and then JJ with Hadlee.

“Thing is, I was sure the boys got Hanna’s man Jack for shooting at them. But I don’t know where that would be. Couldn’t find him..”

Ma was agitated

“That was so stupid, now we got this whole ordeal.” said Ma.

“Whats that momma” said Hyacinth.

“Wheres Hawk” said Haylee.

“That’s what I was getting to, I found him shot next to Dunbar.”

“No, that ain’t right” Cried Haylee.

“Looked like he been stabbed by the Indians, one of those Indian knives” looking at Haylee.

“But who, what are you saying” said Haylee.

“Why didn’t you bring Hawk here”

“We decided it was best to leave them in plain site on the road so we could show what those savages done to our brother” said Hadlee.

“Its for the best.” said Pa looking at Ma.

Haylee ran out of the cabin and to her neighbor’s. Josephine’s house, she shouted out to her. Joe was a nice looking woman who’s mother was slave and father was free they said but she could pass. And she did know that when her Ma disappeared and was thought to be killed, Josephine took care of things and Pa for a bit. This was before she was born and this was how they came to get Hawk. Then Ma got back and then Haylee came along not long after. Joe was now with a man named Ned who ran with us. He beat up Hawk once and no one liked that so it has been a weird deal since.


But no one actually knows the story for real because Pa wont let anyone talk about any of it. Cept Hawk spends his time with them. But she liked Hawk and had kissed him once saying if they were related then her lips would turn green and that would prove things – anyway it was just a practice kiss if anyone found out.

“Hawks dead, he got shot, They are all on there way into the white settlements to tell them how we was raided on the road by the Indians.”

Josephine collapsed.

It only takes one thing to happen, one spark, one shout to cause and avalanche, something that could alter the events and change fates of senators and states, and so it was on this day that the Heatherlys went to the settlement to make their claim they had been attacked so viciously by the Pottawatomie’s,

So much so that all feared for their safety, which did set off a set of events that day.

Of course nothing goes according to plan and if ever there was a group to get things so twisted it was they.


Hyacinth and Hadlee Heatherly rode in from the south trail, straight into town being decided it would look better to split off. They put their horses up at the store and Hadlee took the lead as usual, moving up the street towards the rugged cross above the Methodist church. She turned to her sister, smacked her in the face and ripped her shirt.

“Owe, what are you doing” cried Hyacinth.

“Got to look like you been ravaged by engines.” asserted Hadlee.

“Well what a bout you, do I get my turn?”

Hadlee walked off

“They won’t care about someone like me being molested, they’ll just figure with their dirty minds I made out in the deal, c’mon now.”

Hadlee dragged them both up to the door of the church and pushed her sister in through the crooked wooden door.

The church was filled with woman and a few men. Reverend Gardner was wailing away on them about how the new preachers from the east were not in favor with the lord, their wicked printing press being the tool of the devil multiplying the blasphemy that our beloved Adam had left the Garden of Eden in Independence Missouri and was waiting up north in Dekalb county. He was talking about the new preacher Smith who had been coming around of late. A man with particularly outlandish ideas. Mormons.

Hanna shrieked when Hadlee pinched her hard and the room came quiet as all eyes turned on the girls.

“Indians” cried Hadlee, “we been attacked.”

“Dear God” cried Pike “Ye are the heathens such”.

Hyacinth felt some eyes on her and swore she heard one of the woman under her Breath.

“its that the Heatherly tramp?”

It’s true that Hannah had been in some of the rooms and the girls had stories attached to them.

Hadlee muscled in.

“Our family had been church goers just like you folks and we just been the victims of attack, and you should be very afraid right now that there are those vicious heathens on the loose right now.

The women took to there feet and the room started to empty towards them, they being nearly trampled.

Reverend Pike shouted “which road did you come up on, where are they coming?”

“The west road, the one towards our cabin” said Hyacinth,

“I think they are Catholics” said a woman to her scrawny husband as he stared at Hanna.

“Is that what Catholics, look like?” he said as his wife yanked him out the front door.

The entire Church emptied on to the road where they then saw the men and women coming out of the various buildings from playing cards and drinking to see the fuss. Ma was up there working the women up to a good froth while Pa and JJ worked the men up to an equal frenzy.

“They shot my boy” yelled Pa.

JJ said “yes they did, it was horrible and they knifed our good friend Dunbar. They are up there laying dead now. We had to leave them there”.

The intricacies of blame have no boundaries for the Heatherly’s. The pureness of their deceptions are never deluded by thoughts of helping others outside of their own unbridled instincts.

By nightfall the entirety of the town people had been worked up to a frenzy with meetings and decelerations for the more churchgoing camp and Whiskey draining and talk of retaliation on the other. Truth be told all were drinking that night to settle the nerves.

Guards were left on the southern road and some men had gone north to alert the Army and any other settlers they could find. It was not until the wee hours when the town had settled in to a sleep, or more accurately passed out. Each Heatherly had found quarters for the night on their own.

And they slept as Marvin stood guard

It was near dawn when a shriek rang out through the silent town.

“Indians” The yell came from the road, Marvin.

George from his place of sleeping rolled over with his eyes still shut.

“Indians is coming” continued the voice echoing through town.

Hadlee from her place of sleeping brushed away a fly on her nose, but lay there Un-alarmed.


“Hold on … its just a boy” hes got a hat on, sideways.

All five Heatherlys from there respective places of sleeping sat up vertical at once.

“Yep, False alarm,” said the voice.

The Heatherly’s could not have moved any faster, grabbing what clothes they had and running to the South road entrance. At which point the entire town was gathering in alarm and amazement.

“Hawke… my son” cried Pa “You’re alive”.

“It’s a miracle” said Ma

JJ Jumped in. “Its a miracle that the Indians didn’t kill you after all.

“Hawk, is that you? Said Hyacinth, “If you are ghost, raise up now.”

“It ain’t no ghost” said Haylee. “Its my Hawke.”

JJ looked at George real nervous, and Pa looked just as worried.

“Oh, everyone, this is my son, I was so worried for him, he has just survived an Indian attack, been shot” continued George.

“My boy is tough” said Ma.

“Our brother ain’t afraid of no Indian” added Hadlee.

Pa looked real hard at Hawk and gave him a look like a wink, but none that other people could see. But Hawk knew.

“Son – now come over here. Now tell these people..” pa paused looking ddeply into Hawkee“You was shot by those Indians, right?”.

Hawk stood there frozen for what seemed like hours while he went from face to face of his family and all the town folk. He had never heard the words son on hid life, let alone the word love. But he didn’t remember being shot by any Indians. In fact he didn’t remember seeing any around after either. In fact he had though maybe someone from the gang shot him – that’s what he thought about the whole time he was walking back – stunned.

Definitely no Indians he thought.

“Uh – huh” he said. “There was Indians all over us.”

The crowd went wild, yelling and arguing again about what they should do about the vicious attacks and how this was the final straw.

“Those savages have had their last chance” said the Mayor.

“Our lord will save us from this scourge.” said the Mormon preacher.

“I believe it is our lord who will save us.” said Reverend Gardner.

The family was now famous as important men looked on in awe of the Heatherly’s being just what a young country needed to expand into the new frontiers.

A fat little man jumooed on the podioum taking Hadley’s hand.

“Quiet everyone, I would like to make an announcement. I say to you that there stands before us the true believers. An American family that has endured the hardship of the worst attack by those who undermine our values, and threaten our way of life. Though this loving family, are victims they are heroes and every person in town should be proud to do business with them. Their credit is good anywhere and their presence is welcome in all circles.

Is that right?”

The fat man scanned the crowd with his beady eyes. The town cheered.

“Ladies and gentlemen I give you the true Americans, I give you: The Heatherly’s.”

Chapter 2

I knew who I was and I knew who they were. Nit that I could do that much about it. I had been elected prosecutor int lIvingston county in 1828 but some week it was hard to enact any sense of law – as we were in the middle of progress I was told.

I watched helplessy as the Heatherlys assimialted into the society of counry’s leading figures. Those who favored the more aggresvive meaning of western expansion.

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Hawk and Haylee was kind of close for kin at times.

“I heard if you close your eyes and don’t really move you ain’t really doing it.”said Hawke.

“I keep getttin told if you don;t want to make babies with someoe then it aint doin it if you need the money. That’s what Hadlee says.”

“Think is you are kind cute and you might make a good baby. Depedning on whether we really are kin though. So that might be really doing it with you.”

“Like I am sayin, if you don”t move it isn’t,”

“Don’t move? How you gann get it in without moving.”

“After that, I think. You just kinda do that and then — don;t move you know in and out like.”

“Ha ha”

Chapter 5 Green Gold.’

George and JJ had settled on the business of lumber after hearing a man describing the export in billions of board feet.

“Yeah, that sounds good, Billions. How much is that?”

“A lot, there was about 5 billion of board feet being sold. ”

“We gotta cut it down?”

“well yes.”

Georg got a pice of land acrross the street from his new partner the Donohis – stretching out form near the settlement and he built the new heatherly house there.

They hired a few men and wen to work cutting down trees and then cut them and put them in to sctacks and take them dwon to depot. It was so backeed up that stacks would stay out there for days. And tere were stacks form a few of the differnent firms too Including the Mormons and other tree ranchers.

Donoho was no saint but he was learning wjat he got himself into by partnering with a Heatherly.

George and Donoho would show up with about halfof what the other racnhers did and about aquarter of what the Mormons did. In fact they had heard that the Mormon had been told to slwo dwon a little to let some of the others catch up.

George said to Donoho

“You know if that’s the case then they must have a bunch of wood cut just stacking up out at the ranch”

“I bet they all do”

“And what if they was to fall out of favor and the Mill started taking less and less and it kept stacking up out there in their fields.”

The plan unfolded:

First they did was to move some stacks at the mill from the Mormons and the the other ranchers to theirs, The Mormons tried t complain, though the others felt intimidated.

“How are you going to say this is your lumber – you got some special way of telling it is yours and since the mormons had no way to prove the lumber was there’s there was nothing they could do.

The next time the Mormon pur some paint on the ends of the lumber to mark it. And then the Heathelrys got some paint – but this turned into a fiasco and then the mill would take no more lumber with markings as they were spending too much time being the arbiter – even having to shut down and hold court at one point.

So the Mormons brought less in.

JJ told the Mormons that the would be taking a break after they cauight up nxt years so they wuld be able to get it through then. So the mormon built sheds and ammased lumber.

Hadlees relationship to Amos Lee worked to frame the Mormoms and when they were driven out the Heatherlys got their land and lumber and the preachers were happy to be rid of the Mormons who were taking some of their fiathfull,.

Chapter five – Local prosecutor Roberts gets final word from the Army yhat the Pottowatamise had not been in the are at the time attacks and in oreder for Heatherys to have been in a skirmish with the Indians they would have had to have gone to them up north.

Roberts files against the Heatherlys though the town feels this is absurd – but there is a grand jury convened because it should be a good show.

Chapter 8 MA Heatherly.

With the impendong grand jusy MA was increasingly worried about Hawke and became convinced that JJ and Maybe her husband had shot him and this would come out in court. She was starting to have doubts about the crimes if this is what it ended up with and George was fooling around with an Indian women.

“I saw Ma coming out of the lawyers office.” said Martha Jewel, JJ’s girlfrined.

“About what?”

“I would imagine what women go to see lawyers about.”

Donoho found out and confronted George about it. Now that Donoho was so deep into it he was now sure that Ma was trying to get a divorce and this wojld lead to them all being arrested for stealing. George wasn’t so sure and JJ said we need to do something about it.. And the girls talked about it too.

Ma had been on Haylee nervous she was having too cloe a relationship with Hawke.

Hyacinth was tired of hearing about what she was doing.

And Hadllee and Hanna were mad too.

Chapter 7 – Hannah talks to Ma about being Heatherly and how there is no getting out of the familly.

That the only way to survive is to stick together.

Chapter 8 Georg and Ma are found shot.



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