The Bloody Rag — Sgt Wendy Baldwin and her hidden crusade in the Avery case



Bloody Rag  Steven Avery


From the time of a 2004 interview with M.A. to a 2016 anonymous interview for the news, how much did Sgt Baldwin’s actions play a role in Avery and Brendan Dassey’s demise.

In 2009 Baldwin was demoted to dispatch after being caught burning a cross and the Sheriff in Effigy.What led up to this event, and how far did the sheriff’s office go to make sure Steven Avery was convicted of the murder of Teresa Halbach.

Dozens of events and a series of interrogations have surfaced with Wendy Baldwin in the center – crucial events that guided the investigation.

How was teen Kayla manipulated, and who told her about blood coming from the crack in the garage which never panned out. Why was Earl dropped as a suspect in favor of Steven?

What happened to the bloody rag and was it ever tested.?

Why did Baldwin never testify? What did they want to hide?

Why did the detective refer to her as the chick?when Sheriff Pagel and Baldwin were in the plane alone for the fly over?

Did Baldwin mold the dialogue of Jodi during her interviews?





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