Adam Braseel case — And the dominoes fall – Doc David Florence Charged – Fear the Hills

Florence charged




• In addition,Doctor David Florence, who allegedly was one of the sham physician owners, also ran a so-called pill mill out of his Center for Advanced Medicine in Manchester.


And the dominoes fall. You will remember Dr Florence was Krista Garner’s overseeing Doc in Monteagle. Posted here in connection with Adams conviction. Malcolm was involved in a pill trafficking scheme with Garner/Florence – a fact hidden from the jury to the detriment of Adam Braseel when he was entangled in a Tracy City – Tennessee  mountain frame up job.


“FEDERAL intercept 2009:

Re: Adam Braseel conviction

Sheriff Myers would arrest a ham sandwich for being Jewish.
If there’s a way to mess up a case, make a poor judgement call or side with the wrong party, “The Blind Eye of Justice” will find a way to look the wrong way.
Seriously. He messed up the simplest case for us which could have been a real victory for him had he handled one step of it even partially competently.”



Krista garner practice


Had "Clinic" with Dr Florence.
NP Krista Garner had “Clinic” with Dr Florence.PrimitiveImage 23


The Real Truth About Horses:

Shortly after I made my presence known,at the beginning of all this, Michael Brown, the former investigator of Grundy county Sheriff contacted me. He wanted to tell me about Horses:

“A local doctors prize horses were killed and Malcolm paid the price for it. She supplied him with pills!”

I did want to talk to Sgt. Brown, but not about horses. I wanted to know why he never testified or filed a report and hoped he could he fill me in. Defense attorney Peter’s prediction made at Adams preliminary hearing was that Brown would not be made available to disclose what he saw as the investigative officer at both crime scenes on Mellisa Rock Road on the night of Jan7th, 2006. And so far he is right.

Brown was apparently willing to talk about horses, but not about what happened, and there is no known statement from him about what happened that night. He now lives in Arizona.

The “Godfather like” horse story was well known to me when Brown made contact, but in the eight years since the murder, there had been no evidence or witness corroborating these rumors, nor had any actual evidence been produced that the defendant, Adam Braseel, was linked to any horse or drug ring: the known “pill-mill,” Oxycontin distribution of Garner, Malcolm and Florence stood in contrast to the dramatic revenge story. Yet, the lack of reliability or proof did not stop this story from seeping into the jury room. Poisoning due process and the constitutional right to face ones accuser. The Witness’s who testified mentioned no third party, or accomplice. Yet the story became a silent, hidden theory of the prosecution.Which they talked about as if it were actually presented in court.

So much so that according to a juror, prosecutor Strain instructed them – that if Adam was an accomplice, it did not mean he was not guilty. This is hard to believe since no evidence of any second person or accomplice was introduced in court. Was this purely an an under the table, wink, wink, story, that everyone knew, whose only existence was in a secret letter allegedly slipped under a jail cell door to Malcolm’s niece Roxanne Crabtree by someone she referred to as “Killer Alan Meeks,” – in the letter, Alan tells how he heard a rumor that Garner sought revenge for the horse killing so Adam and a man named Ek who would show up in another letter, went to Melissa rock road pretending their car broke down, and then when Malcolm reached down to help, they slammed the car hood on Malcolm and killed him.

Alan Meeks had a difficult life according to a woman who had the similarly terrifying experience of “the car break down.”

She knew him and knew that his father had thrown his sister into the fire in front of his eyes to see, and when the father went for Alan to do the same, Alan barely escaped. “But scars were made” said the woman. She thought Alan was good inside and her and her daughter tried to help him overcome the horror of his unasked for fate.

And so it happened a couple months prior to Malcolm’s murder. She awakened at her Payne cove trailer to find Alan Meeks and a man she describes as “a scary skin head from north of Nashville” in her driveway needing a jump for the battery. When she went to pop the trunk of their car to look for cables, Alan slammed the door to stop her. The skin head got very nervous she said. After jumping the battery, the skin head pulled Alan aside and looked over at her a lot. Alan lit up a joint and then calmed down. Her heart raced. Then they got in the car and drove off. Hours later she heard that upon Alan’s return home with the car, the Sheriff arrived and opened the car trunk to find a body. OMG, that body. They had been riding around with that body – it was there when she tried to open the trunk, that’s why he slammed the door, they were looking for a place to bury it when they stopped at her place.

The man from Nashville disappeared and Meeks was arrested and taken to Grundy county jail, being there when Roxanne Crabtree told the Sheriff that her Aunt Wanda told her that Adam went with Malcolm to kill some horses.

Wanda, by most accounts, was involved in the pill trade with her brother Malcolm. Three of her husbands had died, the fourth husband reportedly running off when he found out about the other three. “When Wanda came into the police station, everyone would scatter.” said a former Tracy City officer.

Was Wanda, Roxanne and “Killer Alan Meeks” jail house letter writing plot the foundation of the prized Arabian horse killing story? At Malcolm’s funeral, his brother Don seemingly broke ranks when he told Adams mother Imojene that he knew Adam didn’t kill his brother, he didn’t do it, he knew this, because of “the horses” – Don was not associated with the pills and I suspect “the horses” was code for drugs, which he wouldn’t mention because it was family. But now with her brother turning the suspicions more towards the family itself, Wanda, if she wanted to keep Kirk, Becky and other family members out of whatever happened on that road and maybe get a portion of the missing proceeds of Malcolm’s operation, she needed to act fast – attaching someone far away from the clan to the story. A flat-lander. Someone off the mountain.





The substitution of horses for truth about the drug operations was now made too obvious – as not once in the court records or investigation has the most obvious of facts been told – the house of Malcolm was used in a pill mill operation of which no one could link the defendant – other than some out of court story so bizarre as to have Adam Braseel both killing the horses – then switching sides and helping a “hit man,” kill Malcolm for killing the horses, of which he himself would have killed – according to their own story. I suspect drugs in the making of this story, it is good, but fatally flawed.

The killing of horses can safely go back to a movie called “The Godfather.”


Almost a year ago an outside lawyer came to us and said there was a case that was stalled out in TN. As an investigative film company, a good story is sought after – a probe was started to see what could be uncovered in a notoriously difficult place to uncover things. Success.

What is uncovered though does not always want to be heard by some, but in this search for truth it comes down to a simple question. Who do you believe.

Kirk Braden or Adam Braseel?

In Dec 2104, there was no court date in the works, I was told no one wanted to hear the case because the Braseel’s new attorney Douglas Trant had failed to get Adams signature on the appeal when he delivered it and since he had waited until the last day of the deadline there was no correcting this.

I had heard the lawyer had a stroke and that no one was sure what he was doing but that the Braseels had given the last of their money to him to take the case. In fact Christina had come back to Pelham and taken a job at a doctors office in Manchester to make enough money to pay the lawyer and put on a fight for the family and her brother.

Adams case was stuck in a ditch with no court date even to look at whether the appeal could be submitted.

So I landed a website here to make a film and also had a few friends from NY call the court because we had read the case and thought the trial was unfair and we wanted everyone to know that this was going to be a big story.

On bog part of the story is that in talking to Adam the issue wasn’t just that his lawyer had not signed the appeal but he felt he was in the dark as to what was happening, a feeling he was all too familiar with since the beginning when he told he had something to do with Malcolm;s murder yet when he went to court an old woman said he assaulted her.

“ I was in shock” said Adam. “I had no Idea what to think.”

Flossy Davis and Bob Peters were Adams first lawyers. My feeling in talking to Peters was that he thought Adam was somewhat guilty because he had heard some stories, the same stories everyone else heard about – how Adam “knew” something but wasn’t telling. He said he thought the Jury believed Becky Hill and I had the sense that he believed her too.

But when I told him about Kirks subsequent arrest records and how these stories can be traced to Wanda Desmarais who was really a Burrows and who used to go to Malcolm with Krista Garner who was also arrested for drugs, he seemed shaken by this news as if he had made a large mistake – and he had. More than a few.

Peters neither impeached the witnesses, nor brought out that they were accomplices in a drug ring run out of Malcolm’s house. Witnesses we interviewed saw Becky at the house during drug deals – these witnesses were listed in the police reports and the defense has no excuse. Also Peters new that TBI agent Larry Davis did not discover a broken bat at the crime scene like he testified to in court. One look at the preliminary hearing in which Peters presided would show you why that is true. Yet two years later at the trial he seemed to have forgotten this vital fact.

I would like to know where the bat came from.

In a court of law, if Peters had objected to the introduction of the Ball bat as evidence, it would have been thrown out as evidence. Not that anything was tied to Adam – in fact the only person who told the jury he had his hands on this bat was Kirk Braden.

The point of this is not about a technicality, it is about the willingness to stage a crime scene. As in Myers altering of reports. And how unwilling these lawyers seem to be to call out corruption on behalf of their clients.

After all they have to go up before these judges for their guilty clients, so better not make waves.

As far as the DA’s Michael Taylor and Steve Strain, they were there and they heard all of this. And they knew about Angie White’s suborned perjury and did not correct it, which is a fact made crystal clear by the appeals judges who state that she testified to seeing a car on the sixth, which she did, yet Strain in his opening claims she saw a car on the seventh. Strain and the appeals court each making the argument that these dates are so important, yet they are different!

It’s not just that these could have been mistakes, they were not corrected, quite the contrary, I find it hard to find a line in the preceding where there is a witness who knew something before they were told to say it either by the prosecution, the Sheriffs or the family.

Although we know there could not possibly have been an anonymous tip that told the the police to point to Adam since we know Braden is fingering Adam from the get go after they all met at Ehrlinger – we have heard that Lonnie Cleek is now saying this anonymous tip the Sheriffs office claim they recived came from Becky Hill.

I want to say this in the nicest way possible, but if you know a persons name, that is not anonymous.

What Lonnie tells us is that anonymous means keeping it anonymous from the defense and Adam – how they got his name. I also wan to remind us that Becky was in the hospital until Thursday and the police had been to Adams on Sunday. Beck testified in court that she had made no identification until she had gotten out of the hospital so obviously these don’t match.

Ok, so let’s get to it then –

Lets make a deal.

All these lawyers and whoever else may not get it – but we know what happened, we know that people wanted Malcolm dead and most are surprised it took so long.

And we know the hands that are caught in the cookie jar – those just using Adam. Getting elected for Sheriff or judge – it is simple to see who was pushing buttons here. And judge Buddy Perry’s son being the victim of an overdose should have been a reason to get to the real bottom of this, not putting on a little house on the Prairie show making the least likely of all the villain. The story of the sweet little family with no phone or running water minding their own business is just a complete myth – a front for a drug house where Malcolm presided – and as we all know was capable of all types of antics.

Like that van where he was carting around the sick people as a business. Do you really think we don;t believe that Malcolm would pick up old people from that home of his ex wife’s and take them to the pain doc so he could split the proceeds of pills.

Malcolm’s free bus to the pain clinic! And you know it could be true..

I don’t know about all these ridiculous lawyers and we see a lot of this, as I am sure you do too. But this story is here to stay, it is a film that will alt forever. So how you want to play it.

If you go into court on Tuesday and say gee, it looked we did fail to reveal information to the defense, maybe we were confused about what anonymous meant.

But, if instead, after seeing all this evidence, if you insist on this farce, we can only assume that you are really evil people. It was not a mistake and you did it on purpose. The day to find this out is
Tuesday – at the beginning – not after you see which way the wind is blowing, but right from the gate. You know who you are.

But do we know who you really are?



Important – if you read nothing else read this and share.

For the last year I have been investigating the murder of Malcolm Burrows for a film and or book. I have interviewed Adam Braseel at least ten times and I can tell you that he has been almost NO help in helping me find out what happened on Melissa rock road!

This is not because he is stupid or holding back – it is because he just doesn’t know, because he wasn’t there. I can draw no other conclusion from my talks with him and his family.

People who know my work on other cases know that I have pissed many defense attorneys off because I won’t go along with any scams or false information. If I find something out, I tell it. And I don’t make claims that people are innocent or not because that is the job of a jury in a FAIR trial. That is the deal we all made in the Constitution, and I stick to this.

I can easily say after researching the case files and witnesses that Adam did not get a fair trial. That’s a no brainer.

And as I said, it is my my opinion after talking to Adam, on numerous occasions for many hours, that ADAM BRASEEL WAS NOT AT THE CRIME SCENE on Mellisa Rock Road. Had no idea what Maclolm’s house looked like inside or out. Nor did he know the landscape of the area or the people involved. No one has ever come forward and said he was involved in any of the drug deals of Krista Garner, Malcolm or other Burrows – a clan who were quite eager to put the crime on someone who lived in another county when they set him up in a series of prison snitch letters that have thoroughly been debunked. Stories of killed horses that don’t exists were so crazy and sloppily done that in one letter they had Adam helping Malcolm to kill Krista Garner horses and then changing sides to help a hit man retaliate for the killed horses. These addle minded snitches couldn’t keep there stories straight. just like the witnesses who came up with a story how she got starting fluid for a man, but forgot that in order to lie about seeing his car in the driveway, she would be getting starter fluid for a car that is sitting there running already. Not to mention she said she saw this car earlier in the day and then changes that story when it would not be possible in the story she was told to tell because the car would have been down the road 200 yards and well out of sight.

The witnesses story change every time they found out something from the sheriff to say. First it was a man with red hair, then a man with a hat – then a man with a mark on his face after they were shown a picture of Adam who had a mark on his face. First there was no car, then a gold car., then a dent and sun roof after Kirk went and saw Adams car that the Sheriff confiscated and showed to Kirk so he could be a good witness. Any one is free to read the documents and you will see the authenticity of the witnesses collapse on any form of scrutiny.

The Sheriffs office had the audacity to claim the witnesses had picked Adam out of line. This takes balls. They had already set there site on framing Adam before any line up. His name was found on the side of a report and Kirk Braden now say he told the police it was Adam Braseel that night. Not back then though. Then he said the man was not know to him. The police said they had anonymous tip.

This is all a bunch of crap. They came up with Adams name, put Kirk through a phony line-up to make it look like he was a legitimate witness, and not a suspect. And at what point was he ruled out as a suspect – I know the Braseel family would like to know. The recent discovery of his arrest for domestic violence should do nothing but make people angry at a Sheriffs office that would allow this to happen. And when Kirks mother got out of the hospital, she had not made an identification so Lonnie Cleek went to her house and showed her some pictures including Adams, And who doesn’t believe that Kirk didn’t tell his mom to say Adam did it just like he did. It is after this that she goes to the Sheriffs office to do the line up. Are you joking. She was told it was Adam, and she had seen his picture. That is not a line up in any other place I have heard of.

In court Becky Hill had to be told be her sister where Adam was so she could be sure and point to him when the time came. This should scare you. This could be you or you children. But it goes on.

What we do know is that TBI agent Larry Davis put a weapon in the house where the assault took place, a broken bat, so they could claim it was from the crime scene down the road where they said they found Malcolm’s body. Ironically the only person we know who had his hands on this bat was Malcolm nephew. There is not a shred of evidence placing Adam at the crime scene other than the accusation of a person with his hands on the weapon and a record for domestic violence.

Davis should never have been allowed to testify, He had nothing to tell the jury but fabrications from hearsay from what he said he was told. He did not discover the crime scene, The sheriffs office had been in the house for hours and had removed evidence and could have done anything in there. We don’t know because the Sheriffs investigator never produced a report nor made himself available to testify on how or who was the first into the crime scene and whether this bat was actually in the house.

Excuse me Mr Davis if I don’t find your word good enough, especially when you are just telling us what you said you heard from someone else. And the thing is, you did not tell the jury the truth about how the weapons got in house. Maybe you forgot that in the preliminary hearing you told the judge that the weapons were not in the house but by trial you thought it would make a better case against Adam if you just left that part out. Indeed you told the jury the crime scene was secure.

If the crime scene was secure, then why come clean to the judge but not the jury.

The crime scene was anything but secure. It had been gone through by a sheriffs office who refused to produce the person who went through the house.

Since no money or drugs were part of the inventory from Malcolm’s house, and we don’t believe he would have nothing, where did Malcolm’s money go. And where did his car go. Did they go the same place that Adam’s golf clubs went when the sheriff stole his car?

Unfortunately this is just a small portion of a laundry list of wrongdoing to be addressed on NOV 17th at the Grundy county court house.

I am asking all good citizens to show up and not only get Adam out of this, but be there so the criminals don’t get some idea to try to over run the place.

It is your community and if you have sons or daughters, you do not want to have happen to them what happened to Adam. My friend Dan Slepian at Dateline said he had never seen anything as scary in his twenty years


When TBI agent Larry Davis sent Adam into the preliminary hearing to be indicted for the murder of Malcolm Burrows, he did so by having evidence placed in this house that wasn’t there when he arrived. The purported murder weapon, a black baseball bat and a smaller fire extinguisher, were placed in the house and then photographed there, this would connect the body some 100 yards up the road to the scenario being painted at the house. a story that came with a witness.

Anyone doubting this can read the hearing here.…

This was all portrayed to a jury as if these weapons were found in the house. But they were not found in the house by any testimony or court record other than Kirk Bradens admission to having the bat in his hands while in the house. In fact Braden is the only known person to have this weapon in his hands, the one with his mothers blood on it.

In last Friday’s hearing hearing Larry Davis was said to have lost and then found the evidence again.

Again in the preliminary hearing. Larry Davis continued to push a case on Adam even though testing on the evidence he collected had not been completed and available in court. When the defense motioned the judge to wait to prosecute Adam until after the tests came back, the judge said “I think he did it” so they moved the prosecution forwards without reviewing the evidence.

Is this not an embarrassment to anyone?

There can be no confidence in a judicial system that allows staging evidence, fraudulent line ups to hide witness credibility etc. This case is replete with Brady violations from head to toe and we ask Judge Angel to read the transcript and look at the witness’ current admission that the line up was staged to hide the fact that Adam was being accused by a prime suspect who had the weapon in his hand and was subsequently arrested for the very crime Adam was accused of. All of the actions of pinning the crime on Adam were coming from a tribe, or clan acting in concert of self preservation. Had he known this before the trial he could have defended himself which must automatically void the present conviction.

There is no excuse for not knowing the truth now, here it is. The question is who will try to ignore it.

Kirk Braden has now admitted he was the anonymous tip. The night of the assault on his mother and murder of his uncle, he told the police someone else came and did it, and by the end of the night at the hospital he had a name to give them – Adam Braseel.

This means that the police and prosecution hid the true accuser from Adam, limiting his ability to impeach the witnesses against him. Hiding information from him that would have clarified what was happening to him. Information that would make him confident that those who testified against him were hiding their own agenda. That this was not a sincere mother and son who really did have someone come to their house and attack them, but were people who were part of a drug ring, with criminal and violent histories that needed to protect themselves from prosecution — prime suspects to the murder and robbery of Malcolm Burrows – or should have been.

If they could not find an outside person to pin it on, then the investigation would turn to them – Wanda Burrows,the sister and the main instigator of planted stories against Adam once he was a suspect knew this all too well and she spread misinformation through her niece. It wasn’t important that it was Adam who was framed, just someone as far away from them as possible. They convinced the Judge somehow that Adam was the center of the drug problem up there when he knew nothing about it. The Judges son had died form drugs and was of course concerned – the connection of Sheriff Myers to jury members is enough to know that the Jury was tainted by this rumor pushed on the mountain that Adam was part of some hit squad – it is complete science fiction and no one can show that Adam knew any of these people in this fantasy drama involving arson and killing horses…

But these nefarious folks knew rightfully that since they are all connected by blood and crimes they better come up with something to deflect suspicion from themselves.

I will note that Don Burrows knew all this and he told people he knew Adam had nothing to do with this, because it involved dealings he knew his brother was into involving pill mills, and drugs, that had nothing to do with some kid in Estill springs. Wanda then went to work spreading rumors helped out by the then sheriff’s office. Roxanne Burrows attorney and Session judge Nelson Laynes name is on one of these papers whether he knows it or not. I believe some of these people involved can help clear this up and get Adam out on Friday.

Remember this, that there was no attempt to look for Malcolm Burrows that night. Not unless you count the statement of the most junior member of the police who said he shone his flashlight in the car. That’s not looking. The body was said to be found lying right next to the car right where they were told it would be be two hours earlier – there’s no excuse here. They just got there stories mixed up. There is no reason to believe the body was there until later either, or that it was even Malcolm’s body since there is no picture to show it’s him or where the body was found as the crime scene was completely destroyed by the police. Both at the house and on the road.

I have lost count of the constitutional violations against Adam Braseel

We know that that the current Judge and Sheriffs office had nothing to do with this mockery when it happened, but until this egregious error is corrected, how can there be confidence in the court. There are crimes that have been committed that could be investigated — murder, perjury and fraud in a homicide case have no statute of limitations that I am aware of.

In any event there is a choice – let Adam out now and end this – or have this heat up. There is no excuse for not knowing the truth now, here it is. The question is who will try to ignore it




Department of Justice
U.S. Attorney’s Office
Middle District of Tennessee

Thursday, March 24, 2016

United States and Tennessee File Suit Against Lenoir City Chiropractor and Manchester Physician

Suit Alleges Defendants Defrauded Medicare and TennCare of Over $1 Million While Operating Four Pain Clinics

The United States and Tennessee filed suit in U.S. District Court in Nashville today, alleging that Matthew Anderson, a Chiropractor from Lenoir City, Tenn., and David Florence, a Doctor of Osteopathy from Manchester, Tenn., made fraudulent claims to Medicare and TennCare in violation of the False Claims Act and the Tennessee Medicaid False Claims Act, announced David Rivera, U.S. Attorney for the Middle District of Tennessee.  The suit also names the Cookeville Center for Pain Management; Preferred Pain Center of Grundy County; McMinnville Pain Relief Center; and PMC Management; and claims that the defendants have been unjustly enriched and caused Medicare and TennCare to pay out money through mistake of fact.

“The U.S. Attorney’s Office will work with our federal and state partners and aggressively pursue those who seek to profit at the expense of taxpayers,” said U.S. Attorney David Rivera.  “It is imperative that those who profit from dispensing pain medication always consider the well-being of patients as well as the addiction epidemic facing this country.”

Anderson is a chiropractor who operated four pain clinics in Tennessee.  Although several of these clinics changed names at times, they were recently known as Cookeville Center for Pain Management; Spinal Pain Solutions in Harriman, Tenn; Preferred Pain Center of Grundy County in Gruetli Laager, Tenn; and McMinnville Pain Relief Center.  Anderson operated these clinics both on his own and later through his management company, PMC Management.  All of the clinics are now closed, except that the clinic in Harriman, Tenn. now operates under a new name with new owners.

According to the complaint, Anderson believed that medical clinics had to have a physician owner, so he recruited several physicians to serve as the sham owners of the four pain clinics, while Anderson, and later his company PMC, managed the clinics.  In fact, according to the complaint, Anderson was the true owner who controlled the pain clinics during the entire time they were in operation.

The complaint alleges that the four pain clinics engaged in the following fraud schemes:

  • Anderson operated Cookeville Center for Pain Management as a pill mill in which a nurse practitioner wrote prescriptions for controlled substances for Medicare and TennCare patients that had no legitimate medical purpose. Medicare and TennCare ultimately paid for those prescriptions, which were not allowable under Program rules.
  • Anderson instructed employees at the four pain clinics to upcode office visits, by assigning an inaccurate billing code to increase Medicare reimbursement.
  • Anderson continued to allow the pain clinics in Cookeville and Harriman to operate as pain management clinics and bill Medicare for services during a period in 2012 in which medical directors were not on site for the minimum time during operating hours as required by Tennessee law governing pain management clinics.As a result, according to the complaint, Medicare paid for non-reimbursable office visits, injections, and controlled substances prescriptions written by nurse practitioners at the clinics, without the required oversight of a medical director.
  • In addition, David Florence, a doctor of osteopathy in Manchester, Tenn., who was one of the sham physician owners, also ran a pill mill out of his Center for Advanced Medicine in Manchester.

According to the complaint, Anderson reaped over $5 million from the four pain clinics, and took over 90% of the pain clinics’ profits, while the sham physicians only earned a salary for their service as medical directors.  The government alleges that the scheme defrauded Medicare and TennCare of at least $1 million.  The United States and Tennessee are seeking to recover treble damages plus penalties pursuant to the False Claims Act.

“These defendants allegedly supplied narcotics to patients without regard to medical need,” said Derrick L. Jackson, the Special Agent in Charge at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Office of Inspector General in Atlanta. “The result was an expansion of abuse and addiction to controlled substances which enriched the defendants at the expense of the taxpayers.”

“Our office is dedicated to fighting Tennessee’s prescription drug crisis with every tool at our disposal,” said Tennessee Attorney General Herbert H. Slatery III. “Pursuing individuals who attempt to take advantage of the system serves as a deterrent and helps protect the integrity of our healthcare programs.”

“Like many states, Tennessee is battling a prescription drug epidemic,” said TBI Director Mark Gwyn. “We want to hold those accountable who unnecessarily provide prescription drugs with no regard for the taxpayer’s dime and ensure legal medications get in the hands of citizens who really need them.”

The allegations in today’s complaint were originally raised in a lawsuit filed by the former office manager in the Cookeville pain clinic.  She brought her claims under the qui tam, or whistleblower, provisions of the False Claims Act, which allow private citizens with knowledge of false claims to bring civil suits on behalf of the government and to share in any recovery.

The case was investigated by the Department of Health and Human Services, Office of Inspector General, and the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation Medicaid Fraud Control Unit.  Assistant U.S. Attorney Ellen Bowden McIntyre represents the United States, and Assistant Attorney General Philip Bangle represents Tennessee.

The case is docketed as United States ex rel. Norris v. Anderson, No. 3:12-cv-00035 (M.D. Tenn.).  The claims in the complaint are allegations only, and there has been no determination of liability.







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