Does Hiding the Truth Hurt Brendan Dassey Once Again

It has simply been ignored that Steven’s brother Earl and wife Candy called the police on Steven Avery about his relationship to their seventeen year old adopted daughter Marie. I am not clear on why the Calumet SGT Baldwin was involved in that report, and no charges were filed but the allegation were reopened when Teresa Halbach was deemed murdered.

However one simply cannot ignore the family dynamics considering this is where Kayla  lived too. Kayla led the police down the path of Brendan’s alleged involvement. And her police reports were integral in his fate, whether the timing is still unclear or not.But the question is where Kayla got her information and why.It is simply not possible to ignore the reality and find the truth.

I don’t see how it is fair to Brendan to have an all or nothing attitude, that either they are both innocent or bust. Not that I am saying I think Steven is guilty.

But simply skating over what would be a very contentious relationship for most people ignores due process – protecting Steven’s case by ignoring Brendan’s rights does not seem fair to me. Earl told Kayla that he saw blood coming through the cracks of the basement for starters. Did Kayla and Brendan simply become the vehicle to pin crimes on who the adults wanted to? and I mean from all sides and agencies – Yes. The answer is yes and that is what is fair to Brendan, the truth.



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