The Fallin Drug mix up Myth in Richard Glossip’s case

I will tell you – anyone who believes that Richard Glossip’s execution was halted because of a drug mix up – is, well, mis-informed – and after reading this, if they still believe this myth – they are stone cold nuts. Oklahoma governor Fallin and her cohort AG, when faced with a real political disaster did what all good politicians do – put it in committee for further study!

I have been quite occupied with other cases, but the other day, I was on a train ride through Donner Pass in the high Sierras of Californian, sharing stories with a young attorney from London. An interesting fellow, half Indian and a Lawyer or Barrister as they call themselves, who had some extra time for curiosity at the end of rather extraordinary trip to the States. He was part of a unique learning exchange where the supreme court clerks went to London and the equivalent of such came here. After observing and interrelating on how the courts work here, the two groups exchanged notes on the justice system in America verses the UK. Essentially my new friend Kabir now knew the ins and outs of the Supreme Courts clerks workings and for my advantage had the unique position of being able to talk about it as an outsider – to me.

So we sat in the upper deck of the observation car riding through the winding steep upper rail passages cut from solid steep rock off the side of the mountain – talking about justice and crime.

I told him what I did, calling myself an operative and case “consultant” – “when they would properly listen that is,” I said. And told him about producing a horror film in the Tennessee mountains to extract information from witnesses to solve a case. Kabir was a smart man, he got it immediately. We talked about the devious tricks in the television show “House of Cards” – which conveniently has an American and a British version; arguing on who was more conniving, the Brits or the yanks.

This opportunity though, had brought me the perfect person to talk about another case. the Richard Glossip case, an “almost” execution in which, as a desperate measure. I had slipped information to the clerks of the Tenth Circuit at literally the last minute, hoping vital new evidence discovered would be pushed up up through the network, up to the judges and over to the Governors office. All through a network I believed existed from reasoning and logic, though I had no physical proof until now.

“Oh yes, the clerks know all the cases back and forth, if there is something important to know, they will be listening and they have the judges ear. Depending on what it is of course. Whether it’s rubbish or not.” said my friend as we marveled a the great high lake under the snow capped mountain.

And after all, the Clerks are the best and brightest of the attorneys – they work at the court for a few years then go on to high positions themselves.

I told my new friend how I phrased things: “I am a film maker, and in the course of my research discovered discovered certain unusual arrest records of a one Cliff Everhart, a grave witness against Glossip, and I wondered why these had never surfaced and why he had testified as an officer after being charged with these most serious and pertinent charges” I could see him laugh at this as he understood – he was a bright fellow.

“Hold on” I said “You agree, charges of falsifying documents obviously don’t speak well to a witnesses credibility.” I was glad to see he had to agree with this.

“My story is true though” I said, “I got into this whole thing with the idea to make films and do intend to finish them, in the meantime I seemed to get sucked into the next case after case. And more research to transmit of course.”

Just the concept of being the filmmaker, there becomes a viewpoint of examining the situation at a broader level, inquiring how it effects the public view of the judicial system – something I believe most judges do care about deeply. And reveals the most important legal issues above all. The public trust.

Kabir stayed with my flow, though he was taking pictures. So I continued.

See Kabir, the story line is this I told them: if you kill Glossip, it’s going to be one hell of a great film. As the film maker, I would have a mountain of questions as to why one of the States star witnesses was testifying as an officer after he himself was being charged by Oklahoma with crimes that the jury never learned of. “Why hide them,” I would say. Just visualize Everhart, the imposter cop, in his blue uniform of taking the stand to frame Glossip for the lurid underbelly Motel crime of murder and profit while all the while you know he had just been in jail. Did they bring his uniform to the jail to put on to go testify. See, the film maker helps one visualize the reality underneath the situation, the worst as scenario for the political fallout that could ensue a wrongful execution.

One can envision all of this in two words — “officer” and “impersonating” – though I never did say Everhart was a police officer, it helps to understand the real truth that any judge would immediately get. Whether he was uniformed or not, changed nothing. Everhart was very much impersonating an officer – either that or the State of Oklahoma kept in their employment those charged with falsifying documents and neglected the duties of an officer and cruelty to animals to boot!

That he had not been convicted is transparent to the film maker who shows that the prosecutor had been delaying his court case until after Everhart could testify in Glossip’s case; rigging the court in their favor once again doesn’t make anything look better for them, just worse. And what Everhart did was bad enough that they went after on of their own – even though he testified for the prosecution, he was then convicted of his crimes. None of this could give any confidence that his testimony was anything but coerced and biased. Let alone finally revealing the true character of the man who was actually at the murder scene and intertwined in the murdered mans life.

Everhart was everywhere.

Everhart was officially employed at the public defenders office as a defense investigator. The Oklahoma Indigent Defense System. OIDS – Of Oklahoma City’s District Attorney Bob Macy’s 22 plus men he put to death – at least they had them some OIDS.

The reason I decided to get involved and dug up the goods on Everhart is a story itself. By chance, I finally met a layer I felt sorry for besides Atticus Finch of yo Kill a mocking bird. His name is Wayne, Wayne Fournerat and Wayne had the misfortune of being Richard Glossip’s defense attorney in the wrong place at the wrong time. And knowing what he knew because he knew Richard’s brother Bobby, a client, he made the mistake for fighting for his clients innocence – innocent of masterminding the murder of motel owner BVT, a crime that was confessed to by a man named Justin Sneed – a man Richard allowed to stay at the Motel in his capacity as motel manager. In all of this, Wayne took on the most powerful and corrupt prosecutors office known in US history – the office of Bob Macy. When people talk about true and undeniable corruption , this is who they cite. Even the prosecutors in marginal positions would speak his name in awe. Cowboy Bob.

I met Wayne when Richards Execution was set to take place in two weeks – the clock was tick so it was exciting and challenging.

I was surprised though, when this all was happening, when Glossip was set to be executed, that neither the news or Glossip attorneys seemed to care much about Everhart. Wayne did, but everyone seemed focused on hating Justin Sneed, who fingered Glossip for the crime – accomplice testimony. However you need corroborating evidence to convict someone, not just some guy trying to make a deal pinning the crime on someone. And Everhart was that corroborating evidence. The officer and authority who told the jury that the owner was not happy with how Glossip ran the Motel and thought he was skimming. He told the jury that BVT had made an appointment to meet him at the motel and together they would confront Richard for stealing – but unfortunately Glossip told Sneed to kill BVT before they could do so. Well, that is one way to explain why Everhart just happened to be there when BVT wound up dead.

Reading the initial interrogation of Glossip, he says point blank that he thought Cliff had it out for him. Yet in the ten or more years no one seemed to check up on his background, what Everhart was really up to, and there is plenty – with the five or so lawyers working the case you had to scratch your head as to why this never surfaced – regardless though of any attorney, if the film maker knows that you have convicted by the testimony of someone pretending to still be an officer of the court, you are going to get hammered. And for a politician that can be a career death.

That now being Governor Fallin and Attorney General Prater.

So now after this new script was floating around, Fallin can’t acknowledge the Everhart deal, this would be bad too, she needed an excuse to stop the film – they are not dumb people — just blame it on a mix up – something that needs to be “put into committee.” Studied. Has the news become so gullible as to fall for this crap – so sad.

You know the expression, put it into committee, means bury it. Perhaps, but the film is yet to be made.

It was funny I even got a communication form someone that we should all be quiet while it was in committee. Oh yea who have no clue.

Once the AG knew I had the arrest records, they I am sure went looking at them, and they knew I had the proof of certain 24k that was in the murdered mans trunk that Macy’s regime had put the lid on in court – information leaked moment before the execution like any good Brady violation. – what could a whole bung of money in the trunk of car have to to with a murder? The Macy court disallowed it – which drove Wayne nuts.

Ironically it was a few months after the execution was to take place that an associate of mine found the proof of the exploding briefcase that Richard Glossip’s brother had confiscated from him by narcotics officer Tim Brown and Everhart was said to be there. Though the case never made it to the evidence log. At this stop Bobby Glossip gave his address as room 102 at the Best Budget Inn, the very room that BVT would be discovered murdered in and by the same officer who made the stop. Funny how neither Brown nor Everhart seemed to be looking for Bobby during this time, considering that this would be his residence – room 102. So where was he?

To Richard Glossip though, Everhart’s job was probably more obscured – and no one was quite sure what he did around the Motel, some kind of security.

But Everhart was a player – a few years back, up in Binger Oklahoma, it was discovered that somehow or another, Evehart had managed to become the Police chief. This while still employed as a full time OIDS investigator in nearby Oklahoma City. It wasn’t long though before he got run out of Binger after he set up road blocks, stopping random cars– which some say he used as a meet and great to attempt to pick up women – one report having him using ticketing leverage over the women to get his way.

(Pretty good movie material if Glossip were executed.)

The story the news was told was their was a rule change at OIDS and officers were no longer able to moonlight – this story however I am quite sure came from the fact the news got wind of the road blocks and gave a call over to the OIDS and they needed an answer so this what it.

Because Cliff Everhart was just the type of man who would come in handy for Macy’s regime – and their would be no doubt that he was in control of both the prosecutions office and the public defenders office – well just look what happened to Wayne.

By the time I met Wayne he had lost the case, been disbarred, been put in jail and a mental unit and was living in a shack in Tennessee. A word of warning to those who fight the system perhaps.

I was on a roll though and was so far removed that it was pretty easy to lob a film trailer over Governor Fallin’s wall to her hillbilly compound. Plus I had a conduit into their fake news agency, the frontier. A mysteriously funded investigative reporting team And though my contact was pretty helpful in getting me some documents as I wasn’t getting them from Oklahoma, they were expensive plus they would have to mail them to me – so I would get the documents after Richard had been iced, a good shot for the film, she still I could tell had to tow the part line and there was a drug mix up – though she sent me a document that showed they had all the drugs they needed on hand. And the story was fake. Interesting.

It’s not morbidity, just common sense. Politicians have great deal of fear, they fear what is going to blow up in their face, much more than a fight they are in. If they can’t see it they can’t control it, something left to their own imagination becomes a nightmare..

The picture was laid out perfect – an officer taking the stand only to be revealed as an imposter.

Any good hillbilly knows that a film maker can make a story like this stick. I don’t have to prove it in court just in the imagination of the voters. And with a character like Everhart, a trusted servant and operative of the Macy regime, something like this and the Fallins might have to put back on their overalls, jump in the daughters trailer and high tail it back to the corn liquor Shack on the hill to regroup. Not a chance they would take.



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