Stop Prosecutor Griesbach – He’s Up to His Old Tricks Again

In this latest Publicity Trick, the  Manitowoc prosecutor once again slips in as a “true crime author” but then talks about the details as the prosecutor he is in a case still active in which he was very much part of. Which seems a violation of the ABA rules yet the ABA publish the book in question – The Innocent Killer – a book replete with false statements and altered storylines that bolster the prosecution theory. Completely biased non factual statements being told to the public under the pretense of it being a “True Crime Book: and him being just a lil ole author.

The way we have been stopping him has been successful but it now needs more help as he is sneakinga round the corners – So get back on Amazon and other site and review his book – to warn unsuspecting readers that the evidence in his book is not true.

Griesbach has been told all this and agrees he has written false facts but says – it doesn’t matter because “even if all the evidence was planted, circumstantial evidence convicts him any way” – his words. And the then talks about the cat and the towel and other paste deeds that justify his actions etc,,

So go warn those would be readers of these false facts in reviews – it is working.



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