Bring Out the Key — The One Made for Halbach’s Van – Let’s Compare It

Lets start with a comparison test of the key made to the key found.
Is the key that was made by the crime lab the same type of key as the one found in Steven Avery’s bedroom? A valet key? Let us see it.
I am curious as to why the defense never brought up that a key had been made at the crime lad for the Rav4. Presumably the morning of the 6th, but we actually don’t know as there is no report from the lab or testimony I know of, of someone making the key – just a report when the key was given along with the RAV4 and the Grand AM to Calumet’s deputies to take to storage on Nov 11th,06.
“Also given to me by MEIER was a key the WI STATE CRIME LAB had made in order to enter
the Toyota RAV4 vehicle as the original vehicle key had not been located at the time they had received the vehicle.”
– Corporal Chris Wendorf 11-11-06
So there appears a great deal of effort to conceal the making, and existence, of a certain key and the question now is are they the same type of key.



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