The Guilties – Supporters, Descendants and Destruction of the Avery Group

It was a gluttonous frenzy of destruction. The type of action the “The Guilties” reveled in, waited for, and knew would always come to those delusional nerds, the supporters , yapping away about what’s fair like cry babies, naive in their pretense there is such a thing as wrong, right, an alleged civilized world there is if only someone would listen and see “the truth”. The supporters fought the lies of the state – while to the Guilties it doesn’t matter, cause in the end, truth was a lashing at the hands of the stronger, bigger power. Political power, brute force. The Guilties knew what power was , they too had been beaten long ago, they had however been smart and given up any pretense of things changing. They knew how it worked – “those stupid fools” they thought. The Guilties lived outside the fight, sifting the ruins for treasure left behind, from the battle of others, living life in gray satisfied moments when the folly of the supporters came unglued, unhinged and crashing down around them – comforted they knew the score.

The Guilties sit on the side, they chide and howl like the Hyena, knowing it is just a matter of time until the Supporters fantasy vision of justice and fairness, the happy family, will turn sour in human weakness. Predictably of course, in the same lowly fights they argued against — money, power and sex the vices of corruption they accused in the first place – what a great laugh the Guilties had at these moments – “hypocrites” – like their parents who yelled at them to not do what they themselves were doing.

The Guilties are followers, where the Supporters go, they go, like Gypsies, moving from cause to cause, feeding off the bursting bubbles of the ever hopeful. Though too the Supporters seem in lock-step to a bigger relationship with the Guilties, like siblings, never seeming to move in a logical direction to actually win their fight, as there was no way to win – often laying their faith in a savior/leader who would see that justice would prevail at some point in the future – handing out doctrine of faith not to be crossed in those who would save the day – ye believe.

JW was fed up with CC’s accusation of her making money off the case, what an ungrateful bitch, after all she started the group for her cousin. Yet to CC, what business did JW have in running a group about an Avery – it is their family not hers who suffered. The shocks of descent could be felt rippling through the sixty thousand member group three months into its rapid formation after the film was released. Some came to support the family some to support justice and some came because they were pissed off after watching the film and wanted a place to yell at the demons. A place where they wouldn’t lose friends or jobs in “the real world.” – though for many, the group became a real world for a time. A place to sort out their own wounds and sense of injustice from the past.

The group leaders had reached an impasse – and since JW started the group, she was the one with the mechanism to hand the group admin rights to anyone she so choosed – and she did – she gave it to the Guilties and then left.

It was a sight to witness as the Guilties entered the Support group, passing off admin rights to each other and commencing with a melee of destructive debauchery, a flamboyancy of taunting and insurrection in post after post – encouraging the deaths and deletion of all members, the Supporters, in a savage action – the moment of the Guilties. They tore down the masthead, replaced with graphics mocking the persons of the campaign they detested, those who had made graphics or videos in support of Avery and Dassey were now held up to public ridicule – to be the laughing stock – and the Guilties laughed as the supporters shouted out their disdain and confusion of what was happening. The Guilties had been handed the keys to burn the place to the ground is what was happening, and since there is no way to simply delete a group with the flick of a button on Facebook, each member had to be driven out, one by one, whether they liked it or not. Either they left or were deleted. All sixty thousand of them had to go – but it would take time, a long, slow glorious time for the Guilties – a blood bath that lasted in full force through the night.

The next morning when I dared to look – the largest Avery support group stood in ruins. An entire movement was wiped out in a night – the Guilties had their day.

To be continued



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