Are Rival Halbach/Pagel Mink Farm Wars Center of Zellners New Defense Strategy

CASO Page 392

PEZEWSKI did state AVERY had made mention of a mink farm being’Just up the road” and that AVERY had told him that if you put a body in with mink, the mink would tear it apart and eat it.

During the course of my investigation into Wendy Baldwin I noticed there is a Halbach Mink farm in New Holstein Wisconsin near Teresa’s Auto-trader stop for the Schmitz/Sippel vehicle on Oct 31, 2005. Of course it did not escape me that Wendy Baldwin’s maiden name was Schmitz, and Sippel was the name of the local funeral parlor in the New Holstein area, equipped with it’s own crematorium. Why it was that Sippel was calling Teresa to meet Schmitz is very odd in it’s own right but compounded with the proximity of the eerie Mink farm – it gives ones the willies just thinking of the possibilities. And did you know that Teresa’s biological father Richard is from the the Mink farm side of the Halbachs, the same side as her brother Tim who launched the civil suit against Avery in an attempt to confiscate his money so he couldn’t hire a lawyer – as we saw in the many posting over the last months..

And did you know there is a Pagel’s mink farm too, so my question is – how would Steven Avery or any else for the matter  know what would happen if you shoved an unwitting person into a Mink cage and shut the door. What really goes on up there in the deep dark corridors of the Germanic  backwoods of Wisconsin.



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