Chuckie Did it not Steven – said Tammy Weber in Avery Case

Tammy Weber – “If anybody did it, it would be



DORIS (Tammys mother)  did tell us she thought that if anyone would have done this to the HALBACH girl, it

would have been CHUCKIE because he had raped his own wife and has a temper.

SCHNEIDER went on to indicatethat he believes CHUCKIE AVERY may have planted the

blood evidence.

GORDON SCHNEIDER advised me he was aware of the fact that STEVEN AVERY was in

prison in 1991, and therefore, could be eliminated as a suspect in the LAURIE DEPIES

disappearance – SCHNEIDER went on to indicate that STEVEN AVERY should have come into $400,000.00

this month as a result of a settlement. SCHNEIDER states this would have been enough for a

down paynent on the junkyard, and he believes this would have caused friction between

STEVEN and CHARLES AVERY and their brother, EARL.


far away from where LAURIE DEPIES lived.

LAURIE DEPIES went missing:

On Aug. 19, 1992, Laurie Depies worked a shift at the Graffiti store at Fox River Mall. At 9:50 p.m., she and a co-worker locked the store and walked to their cars in the mall parking lot. Depies then drove east on College Avenue. Her 1984 Volkswagen Rabbit pulled into a parking lot at a Town of Menasha parking complex, but she never arrived at her boyfriend’s apartment. He’s not considered a suspect. The Appleton woman hasn’t been heard from since. No phone calls. No bank or credit card activity. No reliable sightings.

In 2011, Larry DeWayne Hall confessed to kidnapping and killing Depies and burying her in a remote area in south-central Wisconsin. Hall made the admission to investigators at a federal prison in North Carolina, where the Wabash, Ind., man is serving a life sentence for the 1993 kidnapping of an Illinois girl. But his questioning never lead to credible evidence or a body. Further, Hall had the motivation of getting to a state without the death penalty and a prison with better mental care.



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