Anatomy of Perjury in TN Mountains — TBI Agent Davis in the Adam Braseel case



  1. the offense of willfully telling an untruth in a court after having taken an oath or affirmation.

In the Tennessee case of Adam Braseel, we see here that TBI agent Larry Davis gave perjured testimony, telling the jury he discovered weapons at the crime scene when he did not. It’s that simple.

The uniqueness of this perjury is that we have his own direct record to prove what he later told the jury was not true which he fabricated from hearsay of an investigator who refused to testify or make a report.

Prior to Adam Braseel’s trial in 2007, TBI agent LarryDavis testified in a preliminary hearing that when he arrived at the scene on the night of Malcolm Burrow’s murder,  he DID NOT find  weapons in his house. He did say that investigator Brown placed a ball bat and a fire extinguisher in the house of which he took pictures saying Brown said they were there in house before. However there is no record or report where Brown indicates he saw or found or put any ball bat or other weapon in the house nor was Brown made available to testify. So whether that’s true or not true we have no way of knowing. But what we do know for sure is that what Davis testified to at trial in front of the jury is NOT true. There is no doubt on this.  Perhaps not wanting to have to explain the situation with Brown, who was not in court to corroborate his story, Davis simply lied and said he walked in the house and found the weapons: as you can see in the direct testimony in these pages.

Davis does not tell the truth, he tells a perjured account of walking in and finding the fire extinguisher and the bat. And this a lie, is a lie.

Even if Davis had the best of intentions and actually talked to Brown and that Brown actually existed, how could Davis know that Brown was telling the truth and had not simply planted a bat he had in the trunk to tie the house to the body outside.

Davis could have told the jury the truth, that Brown gave him the bat to put in the house, but then this might not play so well to jury. So why not just lie.

Stone cold perjury. The jury heard a false account leading them to believe these items were valid pieces of evidence found in the victims house, weapons used in the commission of the crime, which we know see could have come from anywhere.

But, it get’s better. The prosecutor, Steven Strain, who allows this perjured testimony;  being part of the preliminary and certainly knowing the account of what TBI agent Davis actually did that night, ,Strain has Kirk Braden  say he picked up the bat and put it in the trash — to cover for the perjury.

To lie in front of a jury because someone told you that’s the way it happened and act like you actually saw it,  leaving out the part that you are just saying what someone told you, is a lie, is a lie is a lie.

Can you imagine:

Jimmy told me that he saw Bob shoot the man, I got there later and didn’t see anything, but since Jimmy had to go to Florida, I just told the jury I saw Bob shoot the man.

Adam Brasseel spent eight years in prison —  his life and his families life were ripped apart.


Here is what Davis told the court the first time.




And here is what Davis told the jury:

davis 5 red line






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