Prospective Civil Rights Violation Suit — Adam Braseel et al.draft

A Prospective Civil Rights Violation Suit of Adam Braseel et al.

In 2007 Adam Braseel’s civil rights were violated when he was convicted of murder, a crime he did not commit at a location he had never been to — being used as a merely a patsy and ploy to deflect suspicion away from those guilty of the crime of murder and other crimes revolving around Burrows business as part of a pill mill and of which Braseel has never been linked to in any manner whatsoever. Adam Braseel’s perjured prosecution was the result of discrimination in that he was NOT a profiteer in the drug business, or in any way part of the corruption as were those who were allowed to testify against him without being made to reveal their illicit activities in a complicit frame job  violating Braseel’s 5th and 14th amendment right to Due Process as well as his 6th amendment right to confront his accusers — The witnesses against Braseel  being so construed and protected by law enforcement, prosecutors and defense lawyers connections to a  judge that Braseel had no chance to discover the true facts and motives of the witnesses and corrupted law enforcement and of their true purpose to pin the crime on Adam Braseel as a means to evade prosecution themselves.

There is only one conclusion that can be reached when one sees that not even the defense attorneys dare speak of the ongoing DEA/TBI investigation of a murdered man, rather allowing their own client to be pinned to a crime with no evidence or motive, allowing un-impeached testimony from witnesses who lived by their own admission where the drug operation took place.

Becky Burrows was present when Trey Meeks and Kasey Kilgore came to Malcolm’s to get money, money for pills. That’s what Meeks did to get by she said, Meeks had often been on the run and run he did – to Alabama.

In fact Meek’s name was front and center —  Braden told the Sheriff he saw Meeks at Malcolm’s the day or the day before the murder, with his girlfriend – Kilgore.

Yet instead of questioning Meeks, The Sheriff took a witness description of a couple seen in a gold colored car that matched a description of Meeks and Kilgore and altered it to fit Adam — crossing out the girlfriend completely.

Law enforcement and Prosecution conspired to hide the criminal activity it knew of and had proof of, setting out to put the crime on Braseel as a way to hide the ongoing corruption — placing the blame on someone off the mountain and away from them. Snitch letters in conjunction with Judge Nelson Layne who appears in documents simultaneously acting as a Burrows/Crabtree attorney — the letters designed to poison the jury pool to insure the conviction of Braseel regardless of what happened in court.t

In addition, prosecution knew of the well publicized war Malcolm had with police chief Taylor – both parties running into legal problems over a viscous feud where Malcolm was arrested several times and Taylor was tried as well. Also known was the feud with Nurse Garner over the prescription pill racket and Dr Florence and the overall investigation coming on them. There were many people who had motive to kill Malcolm for revenge, money, drugs or to shut him up knowing he was being investigated and might talk. Yet the jury was not told any of this. And Adam Braseel had know way of knowing any this at the time as prosecution hid it until it was discovered by joint efforts including film makers researching a project where information was divulged by those part of the pill mill operation.

With all of these things being known, the many acts of collusion that took place between judges, prosecutor’s and lawyers to convict Braseel with zero evidence and zero motive; and the overpowering of  a young man it knew it could convict by insinuation alone with wanton disregard for his constitutional rights, it is submitted these acts occurred in violation of Adam Braseel’s constitutional rights to a fair trial, a right to counsel and a right to be heard by a jury of his peers:


Altering witness statements

Brady Violations

Withholding evidence

Witness tampering

Staged police procedures.

Prosecutorial misconduct.

Jury Tampering

Evidence Tampering.

Since court records failed to include motions and jury selections “In chambers”, they were thus held illegally in secret — hidden from the defendant and his family.



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