The Extrodinary Story of Judge Perry and the Adam Brasseel Case

The lower left hand drawer of Judge Bud Perry’s desk is locked and has not been opened for years. Inside is a sealed file,  never opened.  The file contains the information about his son who died in an incident involving prescription pills. That’s all the Judge knows and that’s all he wants to know – fearing that what is inside would kill his wife – break her heart. Is what I have now been told

In an equally extraordinary failure of fate Perry was the Judge that presided over Adam Braseel’s trial.  A short proceeding where the truth about the witnesses and the murdered man was never told. About Malcolm and his various involvements in prescription pill trafficking, large sums of money tied to regional nurses and doctors complicit in the very crime that killed his son, and none of this was heard in court. The one person who could not be tied to the racket was the defendant. And that is how far things had sunk.

After telling me about the desk , my informant ended our conversation with this:

“You have to call the judge and tell him the truth about all that, Malcolm, the nurse under investigation with Maclolm and the link to the doctor and all that drug money — and Kirk Braden’s arrest for domestic assault – all of it. It might hurt but they need to know. “ He paused. “I will tell you, both Bud and his wife now give their lives to helping with the drug problem. Wow. What irony. Knowing Bud, and now knowing what your telling me, it seems like Bud is a bit naïve and didn’t know what to do about these kind of things.”

I agreed. It all made sense to me now after knowing about the sealed file, and how painful that must be to lose a son. A lot of crossed wires.

I am thinking about what is in that file, and how the prosecutors and Police hid Malcolm’s business from Adam Braseel and though it seems so crazy, it looks like they managed to trick the judge too – and the the revelation that if Judge Bud Perry had heard the truth that day in court he might have realized he was now in the same room with those types responsible for his sons death, a victim now like Adam on the wrong side of the witness stand.

It reminded me of when Adam told me of Rachael Burrow’s pointing her finger like a gun at Adam – and how her daughter arranged the snitch letters while in jail, and it all seemed so dirty – how the criminals were running the show as the prosecutors worked them like puppets, letting the guilty go so they could later be used on some jury where they wanted a conviction – as a future debt, to vote just how they are told. Full on corruption. And now I see the judge and his wife got hit by it all as bad as any.

Whether Perry’s son was killed directly by dealers or died as an overdose – a result of the larger dealers and money from the big pharma that pushed Oxycontins onto the mountain starting in 2001, it somehow seemed like the same nightmare – sealed in an envelope and locked in a drawer – it’s there – but just not seen.

I will call Bud Perry and see if he wants to talk.



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