Lords of the Mountain — 12th circuit mob.

There is in an organization that does the bidding of larger outside forces.

But within the mountain portions of the 12th circuit, they are left alone to control the people in what ever manner they see fit — constitutional rights of the people are in fact a joke to them.

Controlling the courts, the prosecutions office and law enforcement, what lurks behind thinly veiled uniforms, lawyer suits and robes are but stone cold thugs, who see “We the People” as mere tools to bully things in such as chemical dumping in the old mines and flooding the mountain with addictive drugs, for a price.  Cultivated over years of understanding that in a place like this one can simply create ones own brand of law on the mountain from a people who value their independence yet have little ownership. A courthouse weapon pointed down at a “flat-lander” if need be — with a hand picked mountain jury who vote the way they are told, a new breed of discrimination and hate crime occurs as seen even when ex Judge Flossy Davis was told by Mountain Judge Jenkin’s, “I don’t know how you do things down in Franklin county but up here…”

An innocent person has no value to these people other than to fill prisons. The guilty however are quite useful to them and become an integral part of their scheme – the general mountain population being considered mere fodder, life is cheap – the “accidental” death rate up to three times the state norm.

So many examples of those certain types who are caught red handed in a crime, then let off the hook with one major condition — they are now owed by the prosecution machine. Obviously a person with scruples won’t be likely to turn – and so it goes this tribal brand of justice, where mountain juries are selected over “the flatlanders” as they know what to do – with offers that can’t be refused.

You will be sent to be on a jury and vote the way you are told and make sure everyone else does too. You will arrange jailhouse informants. You will go into poor areas both instilling and infiltrating narcotics setups as an “informer.” To be the messenger that those who get out of line will go down, innocent or not.

And the people know this.

One woman I talked to told me her car was stolen and was then approached by prosecutor Steven Strain who told her to the effect – you will testify against a certain person we choose, “or else.

And if you are wondering what “or else” means, try being set-up for first degree murder as you see in this covertly seized secret memo from the TBI office, by none other than Larry Davis who now works in the the 12th circuit prosecutors office with district Attorney Michael Taylor.

In this document the woman is being threatened to testify point blank.



As another example in the initial Braseel hearing, the defense asked if the State could wait to consider charging Adam Braseel until the evidence came back from the lab, you know. Finger print, blood, DNA that could be anyone’s.

Of which DA Taylor said, “if we had to wait on evidence there would be an ungodly backlog.”

What system is he talking about – it certainly is not any legal justice system. The probable cause being evidence Larry Davis just said he put into the house – judge Charles Jenkins refusing to allow the defense to call the actual deputies to verify they saw any of the evidence in the house that TBI agent Davis claimed he was told was in the house by hearsay of the Sheriff’s deputies.

To this, Jenkin’s had the nerve to say he was binding Braseel over because after hearing Davis say he put evidence into the house that was not there when he got there – the judge says about Braseel being the culprit — “He probably did it.”

DA Michael Taylor
Taylor speaks



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