Sheriff Myers Witness Education Program — Adam Braseel Case

Brent Meyers


We have all seen a photo line up where the police show a group of photos to see if the witness can pick someone out they recognize.

That’s not how they do it in the Sheriff Myers School of Photo Line up — For Myers he just needs one photo — of the person they want to setup — a picture and other information such as a look at the persons car, so the witness can give varied details, appearing credible in they actually saw the person they are accusing, and they have, in Myers office, in his single photo lineup.

Adam Braseel was taken to the Sheriff the day after the murder – the result of an alleged anonymous tip.

The sheriff took Adams picture – he was wearing a ball cap and had a cut on his face from work – they took his gold colored Accura which had a dent on the fender and a sun roof.

The following day Kirk Braden went to the Sheriff office where Myers showed him the picture and the car.

After which Kirk Braden’s story changed.

from: I was in the back room sleeping and woke up to my mother being beaten and ran to the kitchen where a man I had never seen who ran out the door and ran up the road.

To: I woke up and ran to the kitchen where I saw a man with a ball cap beating my mother. I hit  Adam Braseel in the face (the cut in the picture) and he took the fire extinguisher from under the sink and threw it at me – he then ran out of the house and drove off in a gold colored car with a dent in the fender and a sunroof.

The fire extinguisher was put in the house though by the TBI who claim it was the murder weapon, why if this was true would Kirk say it came from under the sink since Malcolm was outside.The story falls apart at every turn.


Photo taken by Myers the night after the murder and shown to Kirk Braden the next day and whose story changed completely after seeing the picture.  Adam’s car was parked in the Sheriff’s parking lot and Braden’s story changed from seeing no car,  to describing Adams car in detail.




All in contrast to a neutral witness statement of Jay Douglas who said he saw a gold colored car at Malcolm’s being driven by a black haired man and a blonde in the passenger seat.

Myers altered this report to fit a description of Brasseel – and removed the blonde altogether.





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