White collar doctors protected by perjured TBI testimony – prosecutes wrong side of the equation.


When Malcolm Burrows is found dead amidst the drug/fraud iinvestigation by one TBI agent, Kim Harmon, why does another TBI agent present perjured testimony to prosecute a UPS worker in Franklin county having nothing to do with the nurse, doctor and dealer whose crime ring was being investigated in the first place?

The facts of this case become more stunning each day– and I am glad to announce I have more help – another investigator or two and new legal help is on the horizon. Hopefully we can clear the next hurdle and move towards real justice.

In this video I will attempt to summarize in 15 minutes the new findings, a very complicated set of circumstances that are unwinding sound the Braseel case – so bear with me as I try my best to tell everyone what I have found.




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