DA Complains that Judge Angel got his Info from Fear The Hills FB Pages

I have just heard from my investigative associate in TN, Joe Brodioi, that the District Attorney Michael Taylor is complaining that Judge Angel was getting his information from my Facebook pages – Fear the Hills and the Adam Braseel Case – to influence his decision. Not the first time this has happened to me.

But let me put it another way – how bad does it have to be when a Judge has to get his information from a Facebook page  –  because the lawyers are too corrupt to bring anything resembling the the true facts into a court room.

You would  think that now all of these egregious acts in prosecuting Adam Braseel have come to light adn are well known  by the public the public, that  the DA would stand aside and leave Adam Braseel  alone and even move towards compensation him or his loss at such an obvious failure of the courts, yet Taylor continues his own singular malicious prosecution with nothing left but to blame a judge for the way he learned the true facts.

I didn’t choose it to be Fear the Hills – I simply asked where is the house that the murder happened. And I was told it burned down. Nothing here to see. Move along. Quiet neighborhood. Really?

The trickery started long before I got there. The trick to frame an innocent person to protect the friends and clients of the prosecutors.

Anyone can easily verify the facts presented in these pages if they care to.

Is there a law that a judge can’t get information from other sources other than what is force fed them by the crooked DA – there is a word for getting outside help from the community. – nn Amicus Brief –and that’s what this is.

This is the second time I have come into a case where it was overturned by writings on Facebook with an additional one being the halting of an execution in Oklahoma.

Facebook, however is just a tool of the times, a medium,  like the letter or television, there is good and Bad TV. And for Taylor to insinuate that FB would be a place the truth cant be told is just a furtherance of his own desire to do his work in the dark places no one knows about, where no one talks.

When I started this investigation I went looking for the house and they told me it burned down.

So I said I was starting a film and told them since no one was talking I would put the house of my choice in the film. And this got people talking. I didn’t choose Fear the Hills – God chose this as the one platform in which people were willing to tell the truth. And God works in mysterious ways. And Angel listened.

I also learned from Mr. Brodioi that most people he speaks to do believe that Adam Braseel was railroaded by prosecutorial misconduct —  however I want to make it very clear to everyone that these allegation are not part of Douglas Trant’s motion written three years ago,  the motion technically before the court. But they should be.

And what I know in my career as a trial consultant is that the most powerful issues of overturning a case are prosecutorial misconduct – perjury and withholding evidence. It is the way our system works.

There should be no argument: the TBI lies in court and Adams conviction should be vacated. There is little Gray area, but that is not in the motion – that is on Facebook and my blog.

That prosecution withheld Burrows arrest records for narcotics trafficking and involvement with a pill mill under investigation with the TBI is a Brady Violation of the largest magnitude when taken in conjunction that the Judge’s son died form illicit prescription drugs and kept this secret too.

And here is why – and this case illustrates it perfectly.

You can say the defense should have known all these things and brought them to court – true – but what if the defense’s failure goes beyond ineptness.

It is up to the judge to watch for conflict of interests issues and this case is replete with these.

But a defendant can’t be denied the relief of misconduct simply because the defense is in conspiracy with the prosecution to withhold.

Heavy charges indeed. And definitely not in Trant’s Brief – but it is on Facebook. Yes it is.

Altering of documents by the Sheriff to implicate the defendant yet hide a couple seen at the crime scene– not in Trant’s brief – is here on Facebook.

Trant’s brief argues ineffective counsel.

Of the cases overturned, the least amount are turned overturned because of ineffective counsel.  – this is for practical reasons. Perjury and withholding evidence are bad acts of the state where if condoned would make due process appear impossible, but since a defendant picks his lawyers and participates in his defense, more responsibility is shifted and less weight given if the defense was flawed — ineffective counsel accounts for about 17 percent of those convictions that are overturned.

Though the defenses lack of objections to the line up are in the motion. The problem is: to believe that the sheriff’s line up was corrupt or overly suggestive, wouldn’t you want to know that he had already altered documents? Absolutely! – knowing this casts a whole new light on the way this line up appears as told in Trant’s brief for sure. Otherwise one could buy the load of bologna that the Sheriff was just getting ready to put together the photo lineup when Kirk burst into his office. And they could in Nashville, not knowing about the bad acts of the Sheriff.

Or Becky Hill’s identification of Adam Braseel. Which seems to baffle the defense lawyers.

Hill, god rest her soul, lied from beginning to end, and while there are those who say they know this — one has to prove it in writing for it to be useful.

The easiest way is to look at Malcom’s vehicle record and understand that he drove a Chevy Blazer – then you would be prepared in court – when Hill said that Malcolm drove her car, because his van wasn’t registered, that she is hiding the Blazer from the court.  It is simply missing, and no one looked for it.

I know this seems incredibly stupid, and why did no one bother to find out what kind of car Malcolm drove – but that’s the truth. In fact neither the lawyer or investigator lifted a finger to find out about Malcolm – they wasted time on alibis and other nonsense – yet this is a serious question. Because Malcolm was definitely being investigated from on high – yet none of these  lawyers or the Braseel investigator even looked to see if the murderer had stolen Malolm’s car. Probably went out anc road it around town and no one said a word

Guess Becky Hill had some magic powers.



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