Horse Pills – Mountain person spills all about Pill Mill

Direct interview with anonymous person:

Krista was in her office crying and having a fit about her beloved horses being killed and Malcolm was in her office all the time she had people go fill there pain meds and bring them back to her office so she could buy them from them and they sold them for a higher price I never did get them from her but my husband did. That office went from a few people to I don’t know how many a day  — nasty looking people. I quit going to her alot of drama was going on her son has aids he was working there too and well known drug head were too I stopped seeing her but my husband followed her where ever she and doctor Florence went

And tray Meeks was a well known drug dealer with Malcolm for a long time now he lives in Alabama he’s on Facebook too

Also was told that Wanda had Malcolm killed for his money that was always the story . I can’t remember his other brother but I always believed he was the one who killed Malcolm after Malcolm died he was always driving nice cars and also bought a nice house

Please don’t mention my name in any of this everybody that tells y’all something will end up like Malcolm dead that’s how Grundy is its always the good old boy system you disappear and never found they will feed you to the hogs that’s how they get rid of body’s and yes bill he always scared the hell out of me he’s was always a huge drug dealer he was my neighbor I moved because of all the traffic and stuff going on.

Malcolm was over there 4 or 5 times a day you don’t do that for no reason I knew what was going on I’m not crazy and as for your mysterious ek that’s ek Sanders he was hanging around over there too

Bill was strange the same as Malcolm but they would shoot you as to look at you Malcolm always carried a gun with him he had to know who his attackers was or he would have killed them

And please tell Adam to stay out of sight and off that mountain there’s a bounty on him I heard some people talking about that in the grocery store

That poor child Adam was framed big time I just pray he gets a trial outside of Grundy he didn’t do this at all I have followed this from the Beginning and his lawyer Mr Davis is the worst lawyer him and Mr Peters are brother in laws

She said she had to burn the horses and she also said she didn’t know why someone would do that . at one time she was saposed to be engaged to Malcolm

Yea for a while till Krista got busted by the d.e.a

Do you think Malcolm got the old folks to get prescriptions for him

Yes I do there’s a lot of poor people up there

To them it was extra income

I get it, and they had the medicare pay

Do you know of any other doctors?

No bill was there a lot he was always acting strangely when we we’re there like he had mental issues and I was told to watch him that he was crazy

Yea still lives in tracy

No they get away with everything in tracy

This is bill

O yea he went to her for his meds I had seen him more than once there



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