Synopsis of the Adam Braseel Case

Imagine you are a young man from the flat-lands of Pelham Tennessee and you are invited to the mountain for the weekend. To go riding with some boys you know a little from the old days – and you wind up staying at the Seagroves residence in Coalmont with Rocky, Josh and their mother Lila.

So you accept, and when Sunday comes around, the Sheriff and TBI show up at the Seagroves and want to ask you a few questions regarding a man who was found murdered the night before in Tracy City, about 15 miles away, his name being Malcolm Burrows.

The Sheriff asks if you can come answer a few questions and can they take your vehicle to have it tested at the TBI lab. Sure, you say, as this has to be some kind of mistake and can be easily cleared up once they know you were never anywhere near Tracy City. So you go to the sheriffs and they photograph you in your ball cap with a cut on your face and let you go home but they keep your gold colored car with a dent on the fender and a sunroof on top. Your mother and sister take you home.

When asked how they got your name. TBI agent Davis reports they had “incoming information.”

In a couple of weeks you are arrested and you go to jail. In a few weeks there is a preliminary hearing in which an older somewhat odd woman takes the stand – someone you have never seen before; Miss Becky.

She tells the court about the night of Jan7th around 9:15, on a little dead end mountain road out side of Tracy city. She was there she said. A stranger came to Malcolm’s house who said his car had broke down not far away, about 100 yards. She saw her brother Malcolm, who she thought might appear to know the man, go help the stranger to her – she says: I told my brother to take my Chrysler as his van wasn’t registered – she never saw her brother gain.

After about 15 minutes, the stranger came back alone and asked for starting fluid under the sink saying his car still wouldn’t start. And when she reached down to look, the stranger started beating her on the head and she screamed for her life. Thankfully her son, who was in the backroom sleeping the whole time because of being sick with diabetes, woke up and ran out front to scare the man away.

She said she saw the car the man was driving, it was gold in color.

And when the prosecutor asked her if she could identify this man she turned to you, lifted up her finger and said: him – that’s him – he did it. He beat me.

Your family hires the same lawyer for your trial but the same thing happens again — the woman gets on the stand and says you did it, your lawyer doesn’t say anything, but now her son gets on the stand too and he points his finger at you and says that’s him, he did it, he beat my mother. His car was gold colored had a sun roof and a dent on the side. He tells how he had to fight you off, explaining the cut on your face that was in the photograph the sheriff took. Your lawyer doesn’t say much about that either. Becky had left out saying she saw your car this time as it would be silly to be getting starting fluid for a car that’s sitting in your driveway running.

Although there is no reason for you to have done it nor is there any evidence that you had known these people, the jury listens to the old woman and her son and convicts you of beating her up which somehow means that you have murdered her brother Malcolm too. They sentence you to a minimum 51 years.

If at anytime you asked where the house was where this was supposed to have happened your are told it had burned down, and had no address. And no phone either as the son Kirk said he had to call 911 from the neighbors house which is where the the police went.

And now you know it is for real, nothing has been cleared up at all – you are now in River Bend Maximum Security Prison.

You hire the same lawyer for your first appeal which fails.

And there you are.

The Braseels later hired an investigator who came up with a few things and a new lawyer lawyer who drew up an ineffective counsel appeal based on reading the transcripts yet no real investigation into the circumstances around the death of Malcolm Burrows – however he files the motion the day before the deadline without Adam’s signature and the motion sits there dead for two years. With the new hurdle their next has to be a hearing just to see if they will allow the motion to be heard. A real mess.

Starting on Christmas day 2015, due to a set of circumstances involving a girl from Texas, I got suckered into looking into the case. As I was in the center of another one in Missouri I got roped into – during a path I had picked for myself to come up with a good story for a film and or book – not thinking I would be quite so hands on.

Within a few months I had discovered that despite everything in the court and police records I got from Adam’s sister, there was a whole un disclosed operation going on and the various witnesses, despite their many names, were part of one family involved in nefarious businesses.

It became very clear that the woman and son were lying and had learned who Adam Braseel was by the picture the Sheriff took and by being shown his car which sat at the sheriffs office. And there was no man who came knocking on the door, not like that anyway – but I think I know where that story was borrowed from.

Armed with this information I started talking to Adam in prison, and I was somewhat surprised that he at first seemed very reluctant to believe his accusers were anything but mistaken. Actually to this day he finds it hard to believe. But I also learned that there was a little disagreement on this in his family and so I started talking to his mother Imojene. Although they lived and farmed in the flatlands of Pelham, Imojene’s father had worked up in the mines on the mountain and she was much more willing to entertain that what went on up their could include a good ole frame job by crooks wanting to get deflect crimes from themselves – though we spoke two different languages – I knew what she meant.

Would you ever have imagined the reason they took your son’s picture and the car just to teach a witness what to say. Where he learned he wore a ball cap and and had a cut on his face. And the car had a sunroof and particular dent. And that Kirk then told his mother what he learned at the sheriff before she made a statement.

That the very things you gave the police to clear things up were the very things used to educate the witnesses against him?

Yeah, Becky I knew was over at Rachel’s before she said Adam did it.

One thing Adams lack of fingering these people did in conjunction with his lack of knowledge of anything having to do with these people was to assure me that either he had the greatest criminal mind I had ever encountered or he simply was not there the night in question – the night Malcolm was murdered.

I said Adam I have talked to Kirk Braden, he doesn’t act confused, believe me, either you or Kirk Braden is lying – of which Adam said – “Kirk Braden is.” That’s about as far as the type of person Adam goes in the accusing department.

Becky Hill however is dead along with several of the other witnesses.

I managed to find Kirk’s arrest record for domestic assault – he was living with his mother and then she died not long after the arrest.

But what about Malcolm, the man who was murdered. It is stunning that no one and I mean no one looked into what he did up there.

When I went looking for his house – they did say it had burned down – “nothing here to see, move along now. Just a quite neighborhood.” though Alvin Seagroves alone was from that “quiet little  neighborhood.”

Not taking no, I made a movie website called Fear the Hills and put a house on the poster. People then came along and told me how stupid I was and that I got the wrong house. And I said how would you know it was the wrong house if the house was burned down. And then some came to prove it to me — these were now my witnesses – some being part of an illicit prescription drug ring of Malcoms.  So now I was inside the house and had proof of his business and the Dr’s office he was partnered in.

Malcolm had a string of arrest records revolving around prescription drugs. He financed a doctors clinic for a cut of the prescriptions and was always bringing people there to get pills which he could sell for them – at one time running a van service picking up old folks who could use their medicaid and therefore earn extra income from the high value Oxycontin they could get at the clinic. A great deal of these scripts were filled at Mikes Pharmacy owned by the Yarworths who owned the little local TV station and who backed Sheriff Myers the one who took the pictures of Adam and his car then having Kirk Braden over for a single picture line up – or show up as the civil rights lawyers call it.

TBI Agent Kim Harmon was starting to investigate nurse Krista Garner, Malcolm Burrows and DR Florence of the Community Medical Center in Monteagle – there are reports even by the sheriff that a dispute occurred between Garner and Malcolm Burrows when her horses were killed and the Burrows family believing Malcolm was killed as retaliation. But it appears that depends on which Burrows you asked, the ones in or out of the prescription pill business. These allegations evaporated – and those towards Braseel could be made to stick by sisters Wanda and Rachel creating false prison snitch stories with their lawyer and sitting judge Nelson Layne.

In any event it is not long after the investigation starts when Malcolm, one way or another, becomes dead.

Now you would think all of this might be useful if you were looking into why Malcolm is killed, if you want to know that is. It is equally disturbing that nothing to do with Maclom Burrows, the actual murdered man, became part of the court record. That the story revolves around this assault of Miss Becky, with the actual killing just shoved in with no motive or discussion of what Malcolm Burrows and his family members were into.

Rather clever, I do believe.

So let’s talk about TBI agent Harmon who was investigating Burrows, Garner and her overseeing Doctor David Florence of Manchester – when she then learned that Malcolm was killed, did she think yeah – it must have been this UPS worker Adam Braseel who lives in Estill springs. Did she follow the case at all and see that none of the workings of these very dangerous criminals she was investigating were brought up in court.

Did she know that sitting Judge Perry who oversaw Adam’s trial, that his son’s death had something to do with prescription drugs – either an overdose or being killed by dealers? Of which truth he didn;t know according to those who talked to him – keeping his sons unopened police file in the locked lower left hand drawer of his desk.

And how on earth, would Adam Braseel ever find any of this out, what was in the Judges desk drawer that he himself did not look at – if someone had not come along looking for a story – That mountain, I have concluded, is a very dangerous place.

Dr Florence who attended Josh Seagroves funeral was finally named in lawsuits by the feds. The DEA did finally crack down on Garner, yet she simply made some deal to surrender her license – yet not one of these people have lifted a finger to correct that Braseel was obviously used as a patsy cover up to a Pill Mill being cracked down on.

Lawyer Jim Salk asked me, “ah, but was it malicious? That’s literally the mulit million dollar question.”

Of which I had an answer – “it worked Jim” – any civil Jury can understand something that works – they all got away with murder to save the illegal business they were in. A conspiracy is proven in this case by it’s effects – It is the biggest Brady Violation I have ever scene — the entire crime of murder of which he was convicted was withheld from Adam Braseel – instead he was shown this assault of which he was accused which kept him from learning what Malcolm actually did and the many reasons people had to kill him. They just threw murder in at the last minute by taking a ball bat and breaking it in half and throwing it in the house – that’s their way to get rid of the body without raising suspicion. Do it in open court. That’s how complete the corruption is.

You know it was two hours from the police call until anyone went looking for Malcolm – a hundred yards up the road – where they knew the car was they said he went off in. Two hours – what if he was still alive. They all knew he was dead.

When I talked to Kirk I asked him how come when his brother came and picked him up they didn’t stop by the car where he had told the police his uncle would be, I mean at that time, his body had not been found. Didn’t you want to look for him – he seemed pretty quite and then said – “SGT Brown found him – yea later – we had to get to the hospital” – Sgt Brown strikes again. Poor Malcolm, no one seemed to care much about him on the side of the road like that.

They obviously stole his Chevy Blazer as his sister went out of her way to say Malcolm had a van and her car being being the choices of vehicles to take — which is true I am sure. But the blazer he always drove, where was that – no Malcolm was not at his house when a man came knocking. Otherwise his car would be there too.

You would think the lawyer and investigator could at least learn this much to impeach these witnesses.

But nothing is more disturbing than the blatant perjury of the TBI, as if they are all in this together.

And in this case, the transcripts show a clear license to perjure given to the TBI agent by the district attorney and the court. TBI agent Davis is allowed to give testimony as if he were actually finding the two purported weapons in this house. When the truth is the opposite – in open court he tell claim he enter the house and find these weapons.

Then he later say no he did not fin the weapons, he put the weapons in the house because they were in SGT Browns possession and so he put them back where brown said they were. Great – yet the prosecution fails to produce Brown or any statement by Brown saying he found these weapons. Here judge Jenkins just says none of this matters as he thinks Braseel probably did it.

Which must have bolstered Larry Davis’s opinion that he can say what ever he wants in court as when the trial came and he testified he just left out the non exsistant Brown and went back to saying he entered the house and found the weapons – which is stone cold perjury.

Taylor accuse Judge Angel of making decisions based on FB page writing and is working to fight his decision to vacate Adams sentence – to me this is further Malicious prosecution,



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