Crime Scene on the Mountain – The Tracy City Way — Adam Braseel Case

In analyzing the crime scene in the Adam Braseel case, one must be very careful not to give much weight to any of the so called statements offered as facts.

And with good reason – the lead Sheriff investigator who discovered both crime scenes never made a report nor testified in open court about what he did or saw. So whether by choice or direction of the prosecution, Sgt Michael Brown’s activities at the crime scene are unreported, and merely hearsay told by other officers.

The story was left to be told in court mainly by TBI agent Larry Davis, a story where by the time he arrived to the body of Malcolm Burrows, and the house where the assault of Burrows sister Becky Hill was alleged to take place, had both crime scenes completely destroyed, if they ever existed at all

– and by the time Adam Braseel was officially on his way to being prosecuted, this house had been “burned down” so any opportunity to challenge the TBI claims about the crime had conveniently disappeared.

Some very frightening stuff considering the only link police offered to Braseel was an anonymous tip. That is until two family members were shown a picture of Braseel and were shown his car. A car surrendered willingly to the TBI on the premise it was to be taken to Nashville to be tested yet instead was taken to the Sheriffs office so it could be shown to his future witnesses against him to know exactly what to say.

There are many other circumstances that add to the murky account of events that require a jaundiced eye while reviewing these slippery records put forth by the state. Some of which are out an out altered to fit Adam Braseel while others revealed by what they omit.

One can’t simply laugh off those who dismiss this whole scenario as somehow being a smokescreen from beginning to end, designed to cover up a very calculated murder of a man embroiled in D.E.A investigations that would lead to places certain people did not want it to go. To people you don’t mess with, killers, as you can see by the dead person found laying on the side of Mellisa Rock Road – and how he got there is anything but settled.

But up this mountain we go, up Hobbs Hill Road to the corner where the blistery winter sky is pierced by creepy barren winter trees, like up side down witches brooms on a night like spells that reach the flatlands, cursing the life of a man living nowhere near. The mountain, that place of eternal secrets. Here at the little broken white house we turn right, down Mellisa Rock Road into the quiet neighborhood. A narrow dead end cave like trail to a house that’s not there and in many ways never existed.

On Jan 7th, 2006, the Tracy City police log shows a call from the Thomas Flurry residence on 244 Mellisa Rock road at 9:52 – an assault – a woman – Becky Hill.

Tracy City Police Officer James Caldwell responds to the call to learn that assault took place next door at Malcolm Burrows, of which no address is listed. *Kirk Braden later testified he made the call from Flurry’s because Malcolm’s house didn’t have a phone.

James Caldwell then goes to Malcolms house.

Caldwell’s Report:

Caldwell reports a car he sees on the side of the road while en route to Flurry’s, a Chrysler.

He then reports that a man came to Malcolm’s door whose car had broke down and Malcolm went with him, and then the man came back and beat his sister Becky, but her son Kirk woke and scared the man off.

In his report however Caldwell never went to the car and looked for Malcolm. This gives a clue as to when the report was actually written – two hours after Caldwell arrived is when Malcolm’s body was said to be discovered next to this Chrysler.

Though James Caldwell was responding to an assault, his report makes no mention of seeing Becky Hill being hurt or bloodied, of going into the house or finding any weapons in the house.

Caldwell never testifies and as far as can be known simply leaves the crime scene – saying it is discovered that Malcolm’s house is outside Tracy City limits and the Sheriff needs to handle it.

Deputy Andrew West and investigative Sgt Michael Brown from the Sheriffs office arrive.

While Browns name is on three witness statements, he himself made no report describing his events – nothing on what he saw or did while being the discoverer of either crime scene – the assault of Hill or Malclom’s body which deputy west claims was found by Brown 100 yard from the house, next to a Chrysler.

West said he stood guard at the house but never entered. He said when Brown went into the house he went to the Chrysler an looked but did not see Malcolm. (No one seemed to want to be seen near Malcolm’s body as it was either there or moved there later. Was the body in the house or somewhere else?)

Browns statement from Flurry’s claims he saw a man with a gas can walking on the side of the road walking towards Malcolm when he was on his way home. That’s it. Nothing about Kirk Braden going to his house to make the call, Kirks condition, whether he had blood on him or a weapon – domestic assaults are common, so why is there nothing from Flurry about Kirks 911 call at his house.

Neither was there anything about what Thomas Flurry did after Kirk made the call, did he just shut the door and say bye. In my talks with Flurry he said he let Kirk use the phone and then Kirk left. And that was it.

While curious neighbors were being held back at Hobbs road from coming to see what happened Flurry just let Kirk come in and make a call about his mother being beaten and bloodied to the point of being airlifted to Ehrlinger Hospital in Chattanooga by some stranger on the loose, Flurry just shut the door after the call and went to bed as if nothing happened.

In contrast, neighbor Jeff White went straight over to Kirk wanting to know exactly what was going on. Kirk told White he had just scared away a man who ran off on foot. White, while expressing his concern that a dangerous assailant was still on the loose, was then confronted with another story that the assailant had a car and had driven off. Despite this new story, Jeff White has never veered from his original account that Kirk Braden told him the man ran off on foot.

If you believe Becky Hill’s testimony that she made no statements identifying the man until the police showed her the photo line-up as she had been hit on the head and was too out of it, it is hard to come up with how this intricate story, only she could know, is so well told while every other detail sinks in the muddied waters.

The intricate details of an assailant luring Malcolm out to kill him is the only thing that seems to be clearly told by both the police and the mother and son. Yet no one seemed to go look for him as if they all knew he was already dead. But how could anyone know that unless they did.

The introduction of Adams name being closely hidden – Kirks initial statement clearly states the assailant was not know to him. Yet this changes quickly and by court he says sure I know who Adam Braseel is.

If Kirk had beaten his mother as he was later arrested for doing, it would be a great time to kill Malcolm. Yet even looking at it this way it is easy to believe Malcolm was killed and the fight ensued over the proceeds.

I have the real sense that Becky Hill thought there was value in being surprised by the photo line-up she did a week later in being able to say – “that’s him. He did it.” But seldom are real identifications made in that manor, in fact it is a bit of a give away that the witness has been coached.

The Sheriff and Prosecutor also seems to believe it offers great weight for their witness or even the Sheriff to offer:

Kirk Braden, when I showed him the picture said: “That’s him, he’s the son of a bitch that hit my mother.”

Yet this type of identification is almost always fake, as people simply just don’t do this in real life. It is a real give away to those experienced in such things.

Jeff White’s wife Angie reported she had seen a gold colored car lurking on the road, her original statements made no identification of particular features of the car until later.

Jay Douglas said he saw a gold colored car at Malcolm’s being driven by a dark haired man and a Blonde. The report said he saw this gold car on Friday the 6th, yet bear in mind that Kirk first said there was no car. This report was altered by Sheriff Myers to fit a description of Adam Braseel and remove the female.

Police were told that a man named Trey Meek and his girlfriend were seen at the crime scene.

West says the Chrysler was registered to Becky Hill in Coalmont as a Honda. West says that when they were all driving out – West says Brown looked over where the car was and saw Malcolm lying next to it.

There is no photograph of this car, Becky Hill testified that this was her car and she told Malcolm to take it because his van wasn’t registered. Only in this investigation ten years later is it learned that Malcolm drove a Chevy Blazer, which is impossible to believe the police wold not know this – yet the car was no where to be found and completely missing form the story told by the prosecution.

There is no report or testimony of what Brown did in the house.


At 1:30 am TBI agent Larry Davis came to the crime scene.

Tennessee Bureau agents are offered to small town law enforcement to help with evidence. Agent Davis goes to where Malcolm Burrows is lying face down in the leaves and takes pictures off the back of his head in a hooded sweatshirt, presumably it is Malcolm Burrows – the car said to have bee there is not there, Just Malcolm. Davis take a picture of his car.

Davis then goes to the house and in the preliminary hearing first testifies that upon entering the house he saw blood and then found two items: a fire Extinguisher and a broken souvenir bat. He then changes his testimony and says he did not find these items but was told Brown found them and had them in his possession, so he had brown put them in the house where he found them. According to Davis.

Since there is no report from Brown and he is not made available to testify, there is no way to know what was in the crime scene. No inventory of the house was taken – Maclolm was know to have large sums of cash and Illicit pills as a drug dealer. Any items missing and when they were missing wold not be know neither.

However the prosecution claimed in closing that this bat which can be seen as being placed tin the house by Law Enforcement was used to bludgeon Malcolm to death and then the assailant came to the house and used the same weapon an Becky Hill.

This is simply implausible. A hit from this souvenir bat would just make Malcolm mad, who was usually armed. The blow could simply not fracture his skull. Likewise the bat would have been in one piece when it reached the house, and since it was said to be found in two pieces, the idea would be that it broke in half on Becky Hills head but not Malcom’s reaches a level of absurdity not worth discussing.

It is much more like that police arrived and found no weapon so they broke a bat in half and put it and the fire extinguisher in the house to tie the two crime scenes together,

If this is not made clear enough, you can read in trial transcripts where Davis just claims he found the Bat and the Fire extinguisher in the house, bypassing Brown’s hearsay completely. There is no other word for this but perjury and withholding and manufacturing evidence.

That these violation of conduct unfolded in open court as the district attorney watched is stunning. And I believe overlooked simply because it does not seem possible but yet all you have to do is compare the two transcripts.

One hell of a crime scene.- but which one and who are the criminals. And if anyone could come up with something so twisted up, it is those from Tracy City. A place notorious for missing cars, burned out houses, and lost secrets.

It should be noted that is was winter and the medical examiner testified he would not have been able to determine the time of death to within days so Malcolm could easily have been killed the day before.

About this anonymous tip.

Later I was told that Lonnie Cleek had said he got the tip from Becky Hill. At which I pointed out that it is not an anonymous tip if you know who it is. You are only keeping it anonymous to the defendant you are hiding it from – and that is a violation of the mans constitutional rights – what s called a Brady Violation.

And as clear cut as this anonymous tip is as a violation of due process, this entire “crime scene” can be seen as a plot to hide a murder behind an assault.







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