Lincoln appeal denied by Green – Koster disgusting failure by those who should truly be behind bars.

The Rodney Lincoln appeal denied by Judge Green at the hand of Attorney General Koster is a disgusting failure by those who should truly be behind bars.

Starting with sitting governor Jay Nixon, who as the Attorney General of Missouri in 1993 walked into the Livingston County Courthouse with some twisted mission to advance his and others careers. A plan that included the most faked and manufactured evidence possible — all to frame a special ed farm boy named Mark Woodworth for murder on the pretext the real killer might step forward – and a deeper political objective I bet they thought went un-noticed.

The world needs to step back and see what Nixon did with his college mate Brent Elliot – whom he later appointed chief justice of the same circuit – no doubt reward for his part to play in this most despicable acts.

Between Elliot, his client the complaining witness in feud with Woodworth’s father, a local Deputy a couple of crooked judges and some special mission ex cop they had used before – this gang of politicos arranged for a surgery as a ruse to swap out a bullet they could use to frame young Woodworth. A bullet they still couldn’t get anyone in America to lie and say matched Woodworth’s father’s pistol so the ex cop went to England with the staged surgery bullet and the Woodwotrh gun,he some how got hold hold of, flew to England and hired the shadiest forensics operation which has long since been closed down for malfeasance – called FSS – all to frame this kid – and only non criminal of the whole bunch – and I mean everyone. Costing a fortune in taxpayer money – and no this was not the real reason, the kid was just fodder as you will see for an agenda.

On the surface, when this bounty of new evidence including a fabricated crime scene photo did not move the local prosecutor to act, new legislation was miraculously enacted creating the Missouri Victims Rights Bill. Immediately setting a series of letters in motion from the complaining witnesses lawyer Brent Elliot to drive forward this bogus prosecution to support their political agenda and new bill in which they could all look like hero’s and perhaps be elected Governors or congressman. As well as Nixon’s side kick and equally criminal Kenny Hulshof. Did I mention Nixon’s reward to Elliot – Hulsolf became congressman and ran for governor also. It’s how it works. Get headlines by beating up the innocent and get elected. All you have to do is lie and say they are guilty.

20 years later, Mark Woodworth is free and exonerated – absolute proof that these Missouri Criminals fabricate and twist evidence to frame innocent people purely for their own political gain. Slow innocent farm boy convicted – crooks advance in ranks– on satan could run this show folks. You are looking at the devil.

In Lincoln’s case these agents of the devil bullied a child witness who has recanted and lied about a hair sample match with recent DNA proving it was not a match – and so transparent it is to see that these Criminals create a space where the obvious doesn’t matter, only their bizarre manufactured testament on procedure do they hide behind – hoping their own guilt of malicious prosecution is unseen – while right in front of their faces. Look devil look.

Missourians who want to be tough on crime – time to get tough on the real criminals – the ones in office and on the bench. May God help them.



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