Adam’s hearing is coming — it is urgent you spread the facts about the truth

Adam’s hearing will be on the 19th of July in Nashville. An attempt is being made to overturn Judge Angel’s more than correct decision to vacate Adam’s conviction for the murder of Malcolm Burrows and the assault of his sister Becky Hill – if you are unsure at how completely corrupt and egregiously wrong this injustice is – here is something to read.

Adam’s conviction took place in a conspiracy of silence — in which no one dared talk about what business Malcolm was in. Not since the bootlegger days has there been such a hush. This includes everyone from the judge to the prosecutor and most unfortunately the defense attorneys.

There are no records of pre-trial motions indicating the subject of pill mills was barred from the court room. Instead it appears a secret agreement was made to hide the fact that Malcolm and his family were involved in a drug ring with Nurse Garner and Dr Florence. But what better motive is there for murder than money and drugs: While being investigated for medicaid fraud, nurse Garner cut Malcolm off from bringing his sponsees to her clinic, even though he had given 65k for start up money, in retaliation,  he kills her Prized Arabian Horses — and then winds up dead. Great story.

The question is: what does this have to do with Adam Braseel – nothing. I assure you. There is not one tie from Adam Braseel to this enterprise. Some tried to claim there was – but this has thoroughly investigated to be nothing more than  plan hatched by the Burrows family and  specifically the sister Wanda Burrows, to keep her deal going with the Clinic and.

It’s clear that every single one of the lawyers in the court room knew about Malcolm’s business. Including the judge. And he worked out of his house — so whoever lived therewith him  knew about what he did – yet said nothing.

Not one question was asked in court of what Malcolm did for a living, who his associates were or who came to his house. Let alone his arrest records. This is extraordinary, and in itself proves the point. Sure they dressed up in suits and got haircuts, but everyone in that courtroom has a tie to what was being hidden – this feud of drug dealers taking place is something no one wanted to talk about in court– just convict some scapegoat and move on.

Senator Bowling knows what the consequences for the intractable pain act are. Just take one look at Dr Florence’s reality video where he crashes his car and drinks urine. Funny stuff maybe, but what it shows is he thought he was protected by the law for what he did, and he was right in man ways. But when the pills are resold, this is not legal – especially if paid for by the Government.

I want to make it clear its not my issues to care what people do, or what drugs they take — I just want to point out the effect all this had keeping everyone’s mouth shut and letting an innocent person go to prison.

The Victims Family deserves all our respect and empathy – this does not give them the right to falsely accuse someone – and when it becomes clear that those doing the accusing are covering for their own crimes and their family in association with a large scale drug ring – we now turn our blame squarely to the District Attorney, TBI, and judges who allowed this to take place — such a severe violation of the Constitution of the United States of America.

To wantonly trample on the principles of fairness and due process, our last beacon of decency, is the true crime here. Not whether Adam is innocent, he should never have been questioned, they had there man right there – it is ridiculous. This is not about him, but about how the court the prosecution and the police got away with this – to perpetrate the crime against not only Adam, but the community as a whole – this is what the real facts of this case bear out. And it should scare you. And you should demand a change and vote accordingly. The allies should know all the true facts — for there is a growing movement of people who have had enough of this and are fed up.

The source of the accusations towards Adam is not a secret to me — though some have had a hard time either believing or understanding how there are some people who can do such a thing.

Adams name was put on these crimes via a man named Sgt. Michael Brown – some one told him, someone who did want to be charged with the crime, the one person who had the bloody bat in his hands – this person is not Adam Braseel.

Yet the prosecutors willfully and purposefully kept this person hidden from the defendant and the jury – that the source of the tip, was the person claiming “victim-hood.” Why? Because if the person standing at the crime scene with the bat in his hands was simply allowed to blame someone else, this would allow the person being blamed to defend themselves and know the person accusing them was the real perpetrator.

So instead of producing Sgt Brown, who could tell us the truth the DA sent a TBI agent into court who gave perjured testimony to say what they all claimed Brown had to say.

This is not only a violation of the constitution of the united states. It is an abomination before God of bearing false witness.

If the State makes accusations against Adam based on what they claim SGT Brown said or knows, they need to produce Brown to prove it.

But what the state did is far worse. They faked it.

The perjury of Davis is irrefutable because it takes place in front of your eyes. In the preliminary hearing he claimed he entered the Burrows house and found weapons and took pictures, then in cross examination he admits the truth – actually he did not discover the weapons, they were with SGT Brown because he said he had found them and out them in his car.

Then at trial Davis goes back to his original statement and says he enters the house and saw the weapons there and took the pictures.

This is obviously a lie – they did not want to bring Brown in court to expose the phony anonymous tip – but they still have show a crime scene existed – so they faked it with perjured testimony.

The anonymous tip they were trying to hide is the only reason Adams name came into this in the first place. If that were to be exposed, then their entire case would fall a part – so gain they lied and covered up that the anonymous tip was not anonymous to them, they knew where it came from.

They were just keeping it anonymous from the defendant. This is illegal. And not an anonymous tip.

So back to the beginning.

The two witnesses that accused Adam Braseel are either Saintly honest people as they were presented willfully and purposefully by the prosecution, or they were involved in criminal activity and are covering their own tracks in league with a corrupt Sheriffs office and prosecution.

We already see the perjury – so much of that is already answered.

By demonstration let me show you what a more thorough cross examination might sound like in this case: This would bring out what the jury would need to know to decide if the witnesses wer credible and could be believed. After all it is up to a jury to decide – but in this case I make the community the jury – and I think most people in the community now agree after reading the facts that Adam was railroaded.

If you know some of the facts it will be easier to follow but give it a try and put yourseld in a jurors seat and imagine the answers as of course I won give those – just the questions.

Ms Hill, this car of yours you say Malcolm drove off to help the man with, it was A Chrysler – is that correct?

Now I see here this Chrysler was registered as a Honda – and it also had the ignition torn out – meaning it was hot-wired – you didn’t have a Key to your own car?

And you said Malcolm took this car of yours because his van wasn’t registered – correct?

Now your son Kirk testified he lived at this house with you and Malcolm, yet you testified that he stayed their a couple days a week.

And your son was in the back room lying down because of his diabetes when this happened but then woke and fought a man you think killed your brother by hand. Your brother was over six feet tall and most people say he carried a handgun. Is that correct?

Your son didn’t appear to have a car there as his brother came and picked him up, before the body was discovered.

So the three of you lived out there with your one car that had to be hot-wired to run, a Chrysler registered as a Honda?

This car of yours was registered to you at a Coalmont address, not here in Tracy City. So you said you moved in with Malcolm a few months prior– and you were going to get your own place – as you said when you said you knew ho much money was in your brothers wallet – 800 dollars saying half was what you gave him – so you would have the money to get a apartment?

Did you move in with your brother to get away from your son? Is that why your two stories are different about him living there.

Did your son hit you MS Hill? (In 2010 Kirk is Arrested for Domestic Assault at his mothers)

When the police arrived and found you hurt and your son was there, do you think he needed to find someone to blame, saying an unknown man ran off.

Now your son came to the hospital to see you didn’t and he told you it was Adam Braseel didn’t he. I mean he was saying this to everyone at this at this point. So he would tell you right? Did he threaten you at this point. And did your son get you to tell the police, Lonnnie Cleek, that it was Adam Braseel, and Cleek realizing you could not know this unless your son gave you the name – Cleek told you to keep this a secret. And wait until you got to the sheriffs office to make an identification.

You never saw Adam Braseel before did you?

In the preliminary hearing there are three witnesses who said they saw your sister Wanda tell you when Adam came in the Court Room because you did not recognize him – you said where is he, and they told you who it was you were supposed to point to.

MS Hill in a minute I want to ask you what your brother did for a living – and who his associates were – the other people that came to his house – and what kind of deals he had with a nurse practitioner and Doctor Florence – but first:

Apart from this man you say came to your house and assaulted you , can you tell me who else came to this house while you were living there? Were there many visitors – were there other people with Gold colored cars?

There is a witness who made out a statement, a Jay Douglas, that says he saw a couple in a Gold colored car come to the house. Is this the gold colored car you said you saw when you testified in the preliminary hearing?

I know here at trial that you changed your story about seeing a gold colored car from the preliminary hearing. And is this because you realized that if you had seen the car it would have presented a dilemma in your story?

You said the man came back and asked for starting fluid– but if you could see his car in the driveway it obviously meant the car was now running and would not need staring fluid. So that really didn’t happen did it MS Hill, not like you said. That doesn’t make sense. A car that is running does not need starting fluid doe it – and this didn’t happen like this did it?

Was it you that realized your mistake and change your story, or did the prosecutor tell you that he realized it and told you to change your story?

Are you aware that Jay Douglas description of the man and woman in this Gold colored car did not fit the description of Adam Braseel.

Were you aware that the Sheriff altered Jay Douglas statement to match Adam Braseel?

Do you know why Jay Douglas was not made available to testify?

Since Myers is altering Jay Douglas statement on the description of the people he saw to fit Adam, is it fair to assume he would do so with the car? – it is after all a gold colored car and so is Adams.

Would it surprise you that prior to Jan 9th your son’s description of this gold colored did not include it having a dent or a sunroof. In fact the first statement your son made was that the man ran off on foot.

But then he changed his statement to say he saw a gold colored car. Did you know this?

I say this because the police asked Adam if they could take his car to be tested for blood, after all, if he had just beaten two people bloody, there would be some blood in the car transferred from his hands and clothing – you said the man was not wearing gloves, correct.

But here’s the thing, they did not take his car to be tested at TBI – they took it to the Sheriffs office so the Sherrif could show it to your son, Kirk Braden. Who only after that point could tell you the car had a dent and a sunroof. Not before, only after.

Now the prosecution made a very big deal of this – how would Kirk be able to give such detail about the car if he wasn’t telling the truth. Correct?

But we know how don’t we, Sheriff Myers took the car that was given them to be tested and he used it to create a witness. We know he did this and his intentions were not good, because we know for fact that he altered Jay Douglas Statement to fit Adam. So he is now altering what was “a gold colored car” to Adams Gold colored car by allowing the witness to examine it.

I pause here to say something outright:

This is a violation of the constitution of unreasonable search and seizures. An extremely egregious one. Very wrong.

Adam, cooperating with police says sure, take my car and you will see it was not me. How could he or anyone else have imagined that instead of taking it to be tested, they took it to frame him!

And here is a question for the court – why would any honest citizen knowing what happened here ever cooperate with authorities – any thing you say or do will be used to frame you for murder?


So continuing with our cross examination:

Ms Hill what business was your bother in?

Did you live at this house when it was raided by the police.

Did Malcolm tell you that he killed Krista Garner’s Prized Arabian horses?

According to the Sheriffs report Krista Garner came to this house on many occasion to get cash for her pain clinic, were you here when she and Terresa Layne came?

Did you know that Malcolm had been questioned by Kim Harmon of the TBI for his involvement with Krista Garner and the pain clinic.


These witnesses were not telling the truth in any respect, and though victims families deserve the utmost respect – this does not give them a licence to frame someone for murder. Nor is it a can this sympathy be a weapon the prosecutors use to convict an innocent person —  and in this case a malicious prosecution that used Perjury, Brady Violations of with holding evidence, Illegal search and seizure – colluding secretly with the defense attorneys while hiding what they were doing from Adams mother by not allowing her into court – God help these that have done this to Adam and his family.



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