2 things you should know about the man who accused Adam Braseel

Two things you should know about the man who accused Adam Braseel – Kirk Braden – Malcolm’s Nephew.

1: Kirk Braden was arrested for beating his mother – the very crime he put on Adam Braseel in 2006. The charge here was confirmed to be about Becky Hill by Deputy Andrew West and other law enforcement officers .

Kirk arrest



2: After telling the police Malcolm was lured out to a car by a man he said beat his mother — he made no attempt to find Malcolm at the car. A short walk up the road.

Leaving his uncle to bleed to death if you believe his story, he made no effort to go to the car he said his uncle was lured to. Nor did the police.

An hour later when his brother Kris Braden came and picked Kirk up – they both then drove by the car where Kirk said he knew Malcolm would be – neither of them stopped. Either leaving Malcolm bleeding to death or they knew he was dead.

Thirty minutes later deputy West reported that SGT Brown turned his lights at the car and saw Malcolm lying next to it. They found him dead. But it had been two hours and no one had bothered to stop at the car in the middle of the road and shine a light?


I know this because in a recorded interview with Kirk I asked him if him and his brother stopped to find Malcolm – and he said no.

Contrary to the audio Sheriff Myers testified Kirk practically busted into the Sheriffs office.

he man who accused Adam Braseel of murder. Kirk Braden was arrested for domestic assault – on his mother said deputy West.

On the night of Jan 7th, Kirk was found with his beaten mother in Malcolm Burrows house on Mellissa rock road. Any statement of Becky Hill taken by chief investigative officer Sgt Michael Brown has not been revealed – nor has he been made available to testify.

Kirk said he didn’t beat his mother, he said a man came in the middle of the night and beat her. This man he said lured his uncle out.

Kirk Braden obviously said he did not do it – in court saying the only reason he had the black bat in his hands was to tidy things up – so he put it in the trash can.

Kirk said he was asleep the whole time.

There is no statement from Becky Hill that night – and there is no report from the Sheriffs office Sgt Brown. Deputy Andy West gives a report about NOT being in the crime scene – he was not allowed in and was sent away to guard the road. They had their most junior deputy take a report from Kirk Braden while they did what? – talk to Becky Hill? We don’t know because no one will say.

The Sheriff did not want anyone to know what went on in that house.

But Kirk had told a story only his mother could know – if it were true that is.









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