An even bigger lie by AG — altering court records to shoot down Angel


Angie White testified she saw the passenger side of a Gold Colored Car on Jan 6th , it was pointing towards Malcolm’s house, she said she saw it throughout the daytime up until 6:45 – this is the day before the murder of Malcolm Burrows allegedly took place – this date is according to the trial record and the court of appeals record in Nashville. Jan 6th. See below. Slattery also says White testified the car had a dent – this is an outrageous lie – she explicitly said it did not have a dent — Adam’s car had a dent on the front diver side fender – and she could only see the passenger side anyway. This lie by the TN courts is just beyond belief.

To strike down Angel with altered documents aiding the prosecutors perjury and cover up — switching in different officers named Brown – is a deceit the devil would be proud of.


Jay Douglas made a signed statement that he saw a Gold Colored Car at Malcolm Burrows on the 6th. He said a couple drove up and got out of the car – the man – six foot and black hair with a blonde woman – not Adam Braseel. The sheriff altered this statement in his report to fit a description of Adam Braseel – and Jay Douglas was never called to the stand.

Incredibly the State uses Angie White’s testimony to mean whatever it wants on whatever day they choose it to be. And then to outrageously alter her testimony to fit the description of Adams car.

To illustrate how fake all of this is – if the prosecutors were not purposefully going after  the wrong man and car, then why didn’t they ask where Adam was during the day – because they knew it was not him in the gold car. They knew and they proceeded to prosecute anyway. Protecting this couple. And they know who they are.

Angie Whites says she saw a car on the 6th:

angi white

angi white2

When she is shown a picture of Adam’s car with the dent she says  – SHE DOES NOT RECOGNIZE THE DENT — when they show her the other side she says it look s similar to the car she saw – a mid sized Gold Colored Car like the one Jay Douglas reported seeing with the couple in it. Not Adam Braseel

angi white6

This is outrageous! They have been lying about the dent and they hid the other car.

This is your attorney General falsely claiming Angie White identified Adam Braseel’s car by seeing a dent. And getting the day wrong,


angi white5

This is your courts falsely claiming Angie White identified Adams car by seeing the dent.

angi white7

The dent on the drivers side of Adam’s car.



How many Gold Colored cars go down the dead end Mellisa Rock Road.

Here Jay Douglas says he saw a Gold colored car on the 6th just like Angie White does. And it is not Adam Braseel driving.





Here is where Sheriff Myers alters Jay Douglas statement to fit Adam Braseel.

Myers alters


My name is Dave Kirkpatrick Sale  – I have worked on cases, but I have never seen anything like this absolute refusal to look at the facts of a case by Herbert Slattery  the Judicial system and the Governor.

I have put the facts in front of Angel and the community – and judge let Adam go. If the attorney General Herbert Slattery  uses fraudulent claims and perjury to strike down Angel’s decision and crucify Adam – then God help them.






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