TBI agent Harmon investigating Burrows, how does this turn to frame Job on Braseel

TBI agent Kim Harmon was investigating Malcolm Burrows, Nurse Garner and Doctor Florence for fraud and Oxycontin Pill distribution. Garner cuts Burrows off, Burrows kills Garner’s horses, Burrows winds up dead. Garner lawyers up and refuses to talk.

How does this turn into TBI agent Larry Davis presenting perjured testimony to frame someone who had nothing to do with the drug business?

See the perjury for yourself.

Anatomy of Perjury in TN Mountains — TBI Agent Davis in the Adam Braseel case

The responsibility for this falls on the DA, the TBI and the Trial judge.

Of course we know Sheriff Myers was a friend of Kirk Bradens and Myers was backed by the owners of the pharmacy and that’s why he altered evidence and let the prime suspect accuse someone – anyone but him.

But the the DA, the TBI and Bud Perry saw this happen. Watched as Davis presented perjury designed to hide Browns investigation from the court proceedings – to hide the investigation into the drug mill with the doctors.

The first thing Sgt MIKE Brown wrote me was: “A local doctors prize horses were killed and Malcolm paid the price for it. She supplied him with pills!”

The DA did not want this man on the stand to say this! And so they got the TBI to perjure himself and say he was the one who discovered the crime scene to hide SGT Michael Brown.

Now the Attorney General is pretending it was Sgt TROY Brown, a Franklin County officer who was at the crime scene.

TROY Brown did testify, about nothing. The followed Imojene when she went to pick her son up to take him to the Sheriff, she was afraid they would kill her and she war right.

This IS NOT the Sgt MIKE Brown who was the lead investigative officer who the DA purposefully hid from the jury and the Braseel family. Imojene not even being allowed in court.

So why did they conspire to keep Malcolm’s drug business out of the picture?



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