Is it Cowardice, Corruption, or Complacency keeping Grundy County from helping Adam Braseel.

What has kept the powers that be from lifting a finger to find justice in the Malcolm Burrows Adam Braseel case?

The Sheriffs office, the Police dept – the Grundy County Herlald, the Times Free Press, the Manchester Times the TBI The FBI, The DEA, the 12th circuit judges and prosecutors and those who were directly involved. Only Judge Angel has proven himself so far willing to take action to fight the corruption everyone knows of. One simply can’t dispute it.

Who has a backbone to stand up for the constitution? Anyone?

You are presented with irrefutable absolute undeniable documented proof of:


Altering Witness statements to fit Adam Braseel’s car.

Altering documents to fit the Adam Braseel.

Any allegation that Adam Braseel committed or was an accomplice to any crime of murder or assault is simply an accusation with Zero Proof – nothing to back it up – and the proof has been gathered.

The problem now is that the original court motion being relied on was written by the lawyer years ago – it contains only drop in the bucket compared to what the truth you have been hearing – the local courts and Judge Angel is very aware of the many corruptions that are  irrefutably documented — not hearsay or opinion –  yet the Attorney General does not have the items and goes by court documents that are false.

For instance the court of appeals record says a witness identified Adams car by a dent in the side. This is NOT TRUE and can easily be verified by looking at her testimony — it is opposite of what the witness said. The witness said she DID NOT SEE A DENT. She only could say it was a shiny newer model Gold colored car – which Adams was not late model either. And the police know for a fact that there was another Gold colored car and they altered the witness statement and kept him from testifying..

Is there no one in Grundy smart enough to understand this? And Help

I am not from there, but if you had found information that proved someone innocent what would you do? Just let them rot in prison? I have depleted my own resources fighting this and I get resentment – it is unreal– perhaps it is mainly evil people up there – but I can’t think –there have to be some willing to help. I am not interested in your self righteous anger or resentment – there is some one who needs help – some one who was gravely wronged – do your jobs as investigator or news organizations or decent citizens.

The witness against Adam Braseel has been discredited by his own arrest record for assault on his mother – who died before his case wold go to court – just think about that. The very crime he stuck on Adam.

Malcolm was killed in the middle of a drug feud – even ex Sheriff’s chief investigator Sgt Brown knows this – and he will tell you this. Except the court would not let him testify or submit a report and instead had the TBI perjure to make it seem like he never existed.

At some point maybe sooner, this will go to Federal court, and when it does, it would be in the better interest of all if people did the right thing the first time.



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