The real sgt Michael Brown steps forward

The real Sgt Michael Brown has come forward and contacted me – and boy what a conversation. I won’t go into all the details here because I’m posting from my phone — but I’ll tell you one thing:  Sergeant Michael Brown, when he discovered the body, said Malcolm had his wallet on him — ah, but Brent Myers and Lonnie Cleek testified that Malcolm’s wallet was missing — in fact that was used as the motive for murder.

The thievery of the sheriffs office doesn’t stop there: when Adam’s car was confiscated he was told it would be taken to Nashville to be tested’ so he could clear his name, but instead it was taken to the sheriffs office, where not only did they educate a witness about a dent on his car, but they stole his golf clubs and apparently, I’ve been told, that Lonnie Cleek likes to play golf.

On another note, I sent proof to the Attorney General’s office of the perjury, the altered witness testimony in the criminal court of appeals files, and the altered witness testimony By sheriff Meyers and I received a reply that two people, Clarkson and Andrew Coulam have read this information. What they plan on doing now that they know this is another matter, this information is not part of Adams Lawyers motion ,which was written over three years ago, and due to circumstances was delayed and side-barred – obviously the great commotion and uprising from the community, from you all, has altered the course of Adam Braseel’s fate and I’m sure he thanks you for reading the new facts that are outrageous malicious prosecution, so I am still trying to get these true facts in the hands of the Attorney General’s and judges who made the errors or should know what egregious constitional violations took place in that courtroom. I have been talking to the people at the newspaper in Nashville, the Nashville scene and feeding them this information and of my communications with the Attorney General’s office as well as my communications with Senator Bowling and the legal director of the American Civil Liberties Union.

Another item from Sergeant Brown I will share is that he said that he did interview Rebecca Hill the night of the crime , the prosecution denies she made a statement until later. This is important, as they had her change her testimony about seeing a car. Additionally Michael Brown did not know that of Kir Braden’s subsequent arrest records for domestic violence while living with his mother and he was very concerned. He told me he’d been pushed out of the investigation after the second day. He said he called the prosecutors office and asked if he would be needed to testify, which would be correct, he should have been the one to testify, and they told him no – and that was prosecutor Steve Strain on the other end of the line said:

sgt Michael Brown assured me Malcolm was a drug dealer a very large man usually armed, and had been in an ongoing feud with police chief Randy Taylor as well as the other things we know about.

More later,

Dk Sale

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