The “Kegger” – unwinding and having a few in the Avery Case.

Appleton Wisconsin is the drunkest city* — not just in the state of Wisconsin, but the entire U.S.of A. Quite an accomplishment. Which might not mean that much to a legal case unless you figure that when law enforcement from Calumet was said to be looking for crucial evidence of the most delicate nature — bones– a strange unknown quantity came into play that set the men ripping the ground with a backhoe “doing donuts” and figure eights — the cheese head chugging team led by “hollow legged Tom,” the part time arson investigator and full time narcotics agent. The whole team was so drunk they forgot who it was that forgot the film for the camera — and for some reason “chain of custody” became a madly wild Chinese take-out order of flinging Bones in boxes from various parts of unknown animals – yet hand delivered to the office of a state paid witness Eisenquack who took the stand in black-out claiming: when looking at a pile of mangled Chop Suey, she now possessed the power of bone reading – “these bones could not be from the quarry because they weren’t chipped enough — moving them would have damaged them to where I could see this chippedness.” And I suppose, if she is talking about the work of the drunken vikings, she could have a point. However, I think someone could manage to move the unrecognizable pile of garbage from one hole to the next without — chips — booze or no booze.
Well before this episodic melee, way back in the early days of the longest search warrant documented with paper and pen, a Sgt. Wendy Baldwin was wandering the Avery Salvage Yard with a bloody rag in her hand – found, she claims in her affidavit, in a location that is “a grey vehicle next to the blue tarped vehicle”—meaning Teresa Halbach’s van in sober English – and what is written on these search warrants – the many documents indicating Sgt. Baldwin was not a one-time player in the game, but from the get-go, was seemingly everywhere there was to be – everywhere but in the courtroom to testify to her many roles in the investigation – including the fly over date of the yard with the Sheriff – which the men called the trip with the chick. No doubt worth a few snorts of in-flight little-bottles.
Baldwin did not make the film, maybe she was drunk, but I bet the prosecution kept her off the stand for a good reason — though Her voice is clearly the female officer who snidely remarks while reading an invitation from the exoneration committee found on Avery’s desk: “well I guess he won’t be making that.” — and no Avery didn’t.
Perhaps Avery’s girlfriend Jodi was the soberest of them all, as the police constantly accused her of having a drinking problem – which in Appleton obviously means not having enough blood alcohol in your body to rise to the legal limit.
If Baldwin’s credibility were called into question, one can point to her later being fired for burning a cross on the lawn with fellow officer Jennifer Bass – in effigy it was of their boss and Sheriff of Calumet County Jerry Pagel. Bass was the one who had sole guard of Teresa’s Halbach’s van on the 5th – when it was found by reformed PI boozer, Pam, the can, Sturm — while Wendy Baldwin found the bloody rag, and a pint of JD, one wonders who had it last.
If the department’s credibility was to be called into question, it would be for covering up Baldwin’s cross burning by saying Wendy Schmitz did it — causing me the additional trouble to cross reference the names to find out the two Wendy’s are actually the same person -a two martin lunch perhaps.
Yet to really dig into Baldwin’s adventure in the Avery case, we need to go back to the first incident when Earl Avery’s wife Candy called the police about their daughter MA, who they learned had been having sex with uncle Steven Avery. This drunken family orgy was obvious grist for the mill – churning up the other Avery misconducts to the hungover but still accusatory brains of law enforcement – and meanwhile the law suit Avery was mounting on the state marched forward in a processional of hot seats sweating out those in involved in the wrongful conviction – tremors of suspicions, with eyes frantically darting the LE horizon for who it was who might spill the beans. If the state wasn’t going to yield to an Avery, they certainly weren’t going to pay off a sex fiend. And you saw any cops despite having the hard proof that Gregory Allan did the Penny Bernsten rape, still believed Avery could have done it. This requires a night out and a two-day-hangover.
But here is where they get it wrong as they can’t; see that it’s all of them — the entire region is just a bunch of drunk cross burning sexual deviants. I mean look at the prosecutor Ken Kratz who admitted popping pills during the trials – and that’s on top of whatever six pack he hides under that shirt. The out of control prosecutor got busted wooing his more vulnerable clients with ungodly advances overture such as “I could be your prize!” –Plenty of “hair of the dog” required here to just get past this unfortunate knowing of something you can’t un-know.
The Madison* crime lab was better known as Sherri’s bar and girl — on the job drunks were a plenty according to the internal report. Sure they said they sent them home when they found em drunk, but what better excuse is there to maybe take your work home with you – slipping out some evidence vials as exotic mixers for the late night rave dances in the after hour hard drunk of Wisconsin life.

No doubt the Avery’s had a few too many at times – Brother Charles had a habit of showing up at women’s houses he talked to once. Restraining orders and assaults are a way of life in sloshyville USA. Berr hits the brain and it’s off to the races. Manitowoc prosecutor Griesbach when claiming he never got an award for the Halbach case instead presented a plaque for an award on the Schipper case – the problem with the plaque was they spelled his name Shipper not Schipper. Nice to think about the old man who was murdered but perhaps a few too many made it so you couldn’t quite get the name right – or the facts straight in the book either – changing the famous suspicious lone key found in Avery’s room, to a “set of keys,” perhaps because you just can’t forge a set of keys. But you can make one key from the VIN number or number in the car door.
Bottoms up.
Appleton number 1
Madison number 4



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