New Things to Know about the Adam Braseel case.

Kirk Braden was the only known person to have his hands on the bloody bat – the one with his mothers blood on it.

I want to let everyone know that I am doing my best to get the true facts of this case out the best I can. There would be no need to discuss these lineups if the court would exam their errors including the cover up of Sgt Mike Brown, who has just come forward to me. He was pushed off the case by the prosecution and TBI agent who testified he discovered the crime scene when it was Mike Brown who did – this is perjury and Brady material as Brown has a lot to say.

For one, he says he found the body and Malcolm’s wallet was still on him. The prosecution claimed his wallet was stolen.

Brown said he interviewed Becky Hill at the house. The prosecution says Becky never made a statement until after she got out of the hospital.

Brown said he called the prosecutor and asked if they would need him to testify and prosecutor Strain said no.

Brown is the one person who should have testified being the Chief investigative officer.

And the first thing Brown told me was Malcolm “paid the price” for being part of the drug war with the nurse and doctors.

There would be no further talk of the line ups once you see the documents altered by Sheriff Myers. As he is about the least credible witness there is and should never been allowed to be Sheriff. He is a friend of Kirk Braden’s and was known to be a Meth cook before being elected Sheriff.

The appeals court record has egregious errors including altering Mike Brown to Troy Brown making it appear that person who discovered the crime scene testified.

In addition, the court record alters Angie White’s testimony to say she identified Adam’s car when she did not. She identified the car belonging to a couple that eye witness Jay Douglas reported he saw at the crime scene – this was the report the Sheriff altered to fit Adam’s description.

The last person to see Malcom alive might be the person Mark Douglas reported that Malcolm had to go meet. No one has found this person.

The arrest record of Malcom Burrows reveals the pill mill he was involved with.

And the arrest record of Braden reveals a pattern of abuse towards his mother.

I was disappointed the article in the Nashville scene failed to get much right, or get in new information.  It is just surreal to see the mounting evidence of the state corruption yet arguing over tidbits.

Very scary out there.

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