Prosecutor Strain, is he the criminal in the Adam Braseel Case. The FBI will now figure that out.

I was reading where Becky Hill was testifying that the last time Malcolm left the house he took spark plugs with him. Strain Immediately cuts her off and went into a song and dance —   he knows what story he wants – not the truth.

To fit the story by Kirk Braden, the nephew and Becky’s son, Strain has to have Malcolm take gas or a charger to help the mystery man, not spark plugs, as that would mean Malcolm knew exactly what the problem was with a car he had never seen.

So Strain corrects her. The same way he corrects her when she says she saw a man leave in the gold colored car he drove to the house in earlier. Because if she saw a gold colored car drive in, it could not be Adams. It must be the Gold colored car Jay Douglas saw with a couple in it and Strain wants to keep that car out in purpose.

And suborning perjury from Hill.

But the real evil is where Strain has Larry Davis testify as if he were Sgt Mike Brown. I don’t think Mr Brown is too happy about this either. As his name is mixed up in something terribly wrong. My investigator and I have decided to go to the FBI with perjury and criminal fraud charges against the 12th circuit and the TBI agent. They will interview Brown and look at the altered documents of sheriff Myers, the pill Mill with nurse Garner shoved under the table and Dr. Florence’s involvement. I am sure they will have questions for the trial judge Bud Perry as well as the two defense attorneys. Flossy Davis and Bob Peter and their buddy Nelson Layne and of course Lonnie Cleek – see if he knows where the golf clubs are.

I have tried to work this out other ways but it seems that this is the only way to go to make sure Adam gets a fair trial. So fasten your seat belts.


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Anatomy of Perjury in TN Mountains — TBI Agent Davis in the Adam Braseel case



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