“White Trash” lives don’t matter to the courts of Tennessee. Grundy on wait list again for justice.

Incredibly — after all that has been uncovered — of altered documents, perjury, withholding of evidence and every imaginable constitutional violation of rights, thoroughly and precisely proven in these blogs beyond a shadow of a doubt, Adam Braseel’s life still hangs in the balance — still being persecuted by the state, when it is clear who the real perpetrators are. 

The criminal court of appeals presents a case against Adam Braseel replete with critical errors, altering of names and inventing evidence —  covering up a fraudulent trial, designed to frame an innocent person so the true criminals can evade prosecution. A criminal ring overseen by a Manchester doctor a Monteagle nurse in league with the murdered man and his family, facilitated by the Sackler clan of big pharma – Purdue –  and a faulty TN law manipulated for a large profit medicare fraud scheme.  A malicious prosecution from beginning to end.

Meanwhile Adams attorney does his best with his original motion filed four years ago — a pleading in this case about as comprehensive as the knowledge of world geography in 1492, when Columbus set sale for “the Americas.”  It is not the lawyers fault, he is not a great investigator or expected to be. And this case, if ever there was one, is a case for a real sleuth. Like the great C. August Dupin in “the Purloined Letter.”  Where the chief prefect perpetually errs by not being able to evaluate his foe.

“The mastermind criminal and the mastermind detective are two versions of the same mind.”

And though you don’t have the great Dupin,  you have me and some great help by my associates, the answer still lies in the great Edgar Alan Poe short story – the truth is found in plain sight – it has simply been obfuscated by the villain – hidden by a simple twist – in this case — a switching around of names and perjury to do so.

One might think a bunch of drug dealers and corrupted officials and police from southern Tennessee are just bumbling fool hicks, like another investigator suggested to me, but you’d be wrong and so was he, they are quite a crafty lot, and not to be underestimated.

I have grown quite fond of Grundy County, and I thoroughly respect that so many people understand there is great injustice taking place here, not just for Adam Braseel and his family, but for the entire county and people of Grundy and surrounding areas. I see so many on the blogs reading and many that work in public office. The people of Grundy understand a highly complex case much more than the outside writers I have talked to.

Now I am going to say something I never thought I would say and defies my northeast liberal upbringing, that I believe that if Adam Braseel were anything but a poor white man, if he lived in the suburbs of Nashville let’s say, or was the focus of a rights group, this case would be on the front page of the newspapers — that a young man was simply plucked up and framed for doings of organized crime in league with law enforcement and endorsed by the court with altered evidence, this is the essence of a police state and should scare the hell out of everyone.

If this case fit a certain mold  — the news writers would be scouring every line to spill the beans on who is violating the rights.

Not so for some white kid from Grundy. And as I have seen historically, going back to the civil war, the people of the poor county have been tormented by outside interest in every way imaginable. From horrible conditions in the mines, to being hunted down by Chicago detectives in labor disputes. Keep the beasts on the mountain — just throw a dart at who you convict.

This explains alot!

The irony here is that the criminals, on the night of the murder, did what all good criminals do – throw some shade — to turn the pallor of suspicion else-where.

There is a new case that has come to my attention again with Myers and the 12th circuit, where sheriff  Myers allegedly put “Suspected homosexual” as the probable cause on a warrant for man visiting the mountain, like Adam was, another case where the charges appear to be fraudulent.

And we of course are familiar with — blame the black man or  Indian,  like in the famous case of the Heatherly gang from the wild-west 1830’s.

A gang of horse thieves get caught by the Pottawatomie Indians one night when helping themselves to some of their ponies. The Pottawatomie got their horses back, but the Heartherlys had a real problem as the Indians cold tell the soldiers what happened. That would not be good for the gang as horse stealing was a hanging offence, even if it was from an Indian.

So the Heatherlys concocted a plan, they killed one of their own gang members,  someone who had been putting too much attention on them – just like Malcolm was doing when he provoked the chief of police by following him with a camera — all the while being in this drug fraud scheme. So the Heatherlys killed one of their own and staged a raid by the Indians — they then rode into the settlements, raising the alarm — the Indians were on the warpath. They weeped and moaned of the loss of their kin. The people were sufficiently moved and began to fear an Indian attack — the Gang avoided being fingered for the the horse stealing.

Luck would have it that this ruse fell in line with certain prosecutors who were politically inclined to steal the Indian land any way — taking the Heartherly cause for their own political agenda worked real nice for them. Good luck continued to happen for the criminal gang up the line, all the way to  a judge who was involved in a national event, the Dred Scott decision,  a division that helped ignite the Civil war — when some say the fight became about property rights and money. In any event the Heatherlys avoided prosecution for years.

But back to our case on dead end Mellisa Rock Road, at the Malcolm Burrows house just outside of Tracy city —  and since there are almost no black people in the county to blame, and no one who wants to admit being an Indian, the criminals did the next best thing:.

“It was a red haired man.” Is what they said. Now I know who the confidential informant is — I know they are from the same place where the nurse was – I know they were a pill head, and I know they all wanted to blame someone as far away from the pain clinic as possible so they wouldn’t jeopardize their own Golden goose. Just drug addicts and dealers applying self preservation. And if Malcolm had to go — at least they could steal all his stuff. Certainly Adam had none of Malcolm’s “stuff”, did he?

That’s it. That’s your anonymous tip. And it was hidden beneath the perjury of Larry Davis.

Davis lied so they would not have to bring in Sgt Brown to testify. The real Sgt Brown, not Troy Brown who is falsely listed on the appeals record as being the officer who discovered the body — and even the current motion of the Attorney generals — who continues to carry this fraud forward to this day. They put a different Brown on the stand to fool everyone – and it worked.

No, it is Sgt Mike Brown, and he was pushed off the case after the second day — and has not been heard from or contacted since – until now.

“A red haired man.”

Now you would think there are plenty of red haired men on the mountain, but apparently a confidential informant knew of a red haired man who used to live in Pelham and then moved to Estil Springs in Franklin county. So Myers and Cleek piled in the unmarked Chevy Blazer and went to Adams house down off the mountain, all because Adam Braseel had red hair. By the way, Malcom’s Chevy Blazer was stolen the night of the murder.

And since Brown told me that Malcolm’s wallet was on him when he found the body, and then turned up missing, the question arises — did these guys steal Malcom’s blazer to drive down the mountain to blame the murder on this red haired guy?

Guess who also has red hair– Lonnie Cleek!

Half the Burrow clan has red hair.

The people of Grundy deserve justice for once – and this is the time to seize it and make the State listen – that Grundy lives matter. They are not a bunch of thieves and crooks to be treated like animals. That they did not create the environment foisted on them by a few big businesses that have put their corrupting influences on the mountain for over a century.

The time to fight is now!








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