Gold colored car found at Haven of Rest Home – was Malcolm shaving his senior partner’s cut?

Braseel’s trial was the first and only trial filmed at the Altamont court house.  Commissioned by HGTV, which is owned by the Yarworths, who own Mike’s pharmacy, a relative of Sheriff Myers — Just so you get all the connections here.

The Irony here is, not one word of prescription drugs was mentioned in the entire proceeding. All was mum in front of Paul Klekotta about the drugs, the camera man hired by the Yarworths who said there something funny about Kirk’s limp — Imagine that. Not one mention of the murdered man’s specialty or his van service for the old folks he must have loved so much to drive them to the clinic in Monteagle so often– not surprising, since his ex-wife’s family owns the Haven of Rest where a 100 percent eligibility for Medicare exists – oh look – there’s a gold colored car parked out front.

But with the film, there was a real opportunity, for a real moment of honesty – one in which all would admit, including the judge about his son’s secret death by the illicit prescription pill business, that there is a raging drug epidemic going on — with horse parts flying every which way and where the police chief is being threatened by the very drug dealer who is now lying dead and the subject of the very hearing being filmed in front of them.

That was not to be.

The sheriffs stuffed themselves in their Sunday finest — some bizarre overcompensation to dress in nice suits with new haircuts for testifying as cops.  Well maybe, but if you look close enough, you can see the fur popping out the sleeves.



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