Is ignorance bliss – ostrich head in the dirt – gets ass kicked.

It is truly baffling that so few care to look at actual facts. And I mean everyone. In Braseel’s case, people go no further than – “will he get a new trial.?“  It is truly baffling. Has Grundy had another murder case overturned – ever? how many happen in Tennessee? Very few I bet– but somehow, this is not news – I know because I have been involved in other cases, in other states – never before have I seen such ignorance – in the true sense of the word – ignore – ance. Ignore – it. Ignore.

In some places people write and discuss these things because of the implications. You know, what this could mean to everyone, after all if Braseel was wrongly convicted, how many more are there in prison at the same hands.

But I don’t see that here, nothing but heads in the sand or the “let’s pray” crowd.  Maybe it’s TN and we should ask Elvis.

This whole experience has been strange from the beginning:

Unusual is right–  the defendant’s sister working at the jury foreman’s sons office, that was the very  first thing I heard about this case — from that woman from Houston.

And another curiosity, Kirk Braden, the family’s investigator and lawyer showed no interest in what he had to say. Which is startling, in that Kirk Braden is the only person putting Adam Braseel at the crime scene, Becky Hill now being deceased. I mean, either Kirk Braden is lying or Adam is – that much is clear.

And then when the person was brought out that had been at the house the day before and had revealed the business dealings of Malcom – again neither the lawyer or investigator seemed interested. What was more unusual was that the defendant and the family appeared to deny this —  as if defending Malcom Burrows — now that seemed very strange.

Perhaps there is some Christian charity here towards one’s accusers, however, when your entire future depends on the credibly of the witnesses before you, you would think there would be a great deal of interest in what they were into.

But neither the family lawyer or investigator took interest in Malcolm’s pill business. Or his business with police chief Andy Taylor, the restraining order and arrests records against him in this regard. Were they just willing to accept that their own defendant had more motive than a drug war vendetta or the threats made to the police chief— extremely bizarre.

Or Roxanne Crabtree, who just passed on:  – she was the one who orchestrated the letters against Adam Braseel when she was in jail – when I pointed out that her lawyer was Nelson Layne, who was a session judge—the family again argued with me about that too! No that couldn’t be – mystifying.

Neither the lawyer or the investigator seemed much interested in the witness that saw a different gold colored car at the crime scene – and how his report was altered by the Sheriff Myers. Nor did they have much interest in Myers’ other actions which may affect his credibly. This is just down right confusing since the only thing the lawyer had to talk about was the line -up performed by Myers. Where it was a single phot line up is not a hard concept to wrap your head around unless you are a lawyer trying to make it sound over every one’s heads — because you don’t know jack shit about your own case.

If Myers is credible then Kirk’s line-up is good, if he is not then the line-up is phony as a three dollar bill. These are not tough questions. There is no gray area of legal crap. Either Kirk Braden saw Adam Braseel or he did not.  I am not playing along with any scam by the attorneys or anyone else.

But there’s more.

For years, since the beginning, where did the “anonymous tip” come from, is what everyone said they wanted to know.

The family investigator did manage to see that Adams name was written on a report, upside down, written by SGT Brown– apparently on the morning after the murder, but no attempt was made to contact Brown. Not once did any lawyer or investigator attempt to talk to Brown. This is just beyond belief. I have read reams of depositions from the investigating officers in my other cases. And in this case, nothing.

Yet for ten years, they all wanted to know – where did Adams name come from.

And now, now that I have interviewed Brown, and figured out the rest from there – I know who gave the police Adam’s name  and a lot more — and the main investigating officer who was pushed off the case by Myers  — but now  — no one seems to want to know about this either.

Not the lawyers, the law, the defendant the news – in fact ignorance seem to be bliss.

Maybe it is a psychotic break from reality – if one is questioning the line-up given at the word of Myers testimony, would you not want a witness, a former Sgt., who worked with Myers on the case, who might just tell you Myers is a not so honest after all. Duh – face slap – wake up. You have been told the wallet was found on Malcolm – but it is gone –  on Myers watch—so stick your head back in the sand fat ostrich – ignorance is bliss I suppose until someone runs up and kicks your but waving in the air with swift kick. And where that could land you depends on which ostrich you are.

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