Anonymous tip revealed – Russian Roulette murder connection?

April Cordova sent the police looking for Adam Braseel. She was the aunt of Bryan Foutch, who died in a mysterious game of Russian Roulette in Monteagle – circa 2002.  All the participants who were there are unknown — though Erica Kern and a Chris were mentioned.

Adam Braseel was best friends with Bryan – perhaps this was one of the happenings that made Adam want to stay away from the mountain for a while.

Meanwhile – how does Becky Hill know what was in Malcolm’s wallet. And why did the TBI and the Sheriff lie about the wallet being stolen.

Who took Malcolm’s wallet? It was there when the Sheriff’s investigator found the body.

Speaking of Brown, as if there were not enough Browns already in this case.  Tiffany Brown is a curiosity we have not heard from. The first story I read was that Adam broke up with Tiffany and then went back to the mountain the week end before the murder, and then again the following weekend. After Adam was arrested, Tiffany and Adam married. They moved to Manchester and got into a few things themselves according to Adam. Like pills and some dealing on the side. Seems like everyone did.

But I am curious as to why Ms Brown has been so quiet consider all information is good information to get to the truth for one’s husband – right? They are still married and according to Imojene, she won’t give him a divorce — perhaps – but what advantage is there to being married – there is one.

Oh, just little things, though as the other picture is pretty clear.

There are other things though –

There has always been the remarkable coincidence – Sgt Brown said they got Adams name as the red head, and then when they got to the house in Estill springs they discovered he had taken his mother’s gold colored car. And then Adam just happened to be on the mountain not too far away from the action.

It would be nice if ether Seagroves boy was alive. And Lila’s not talking.
In fact the body count keeps rising.

According to one man, this body count would be the result of the informants, those enlisted by the 12th circuit to do their bidding.

If anyone wants to drop by on Kirk for cht, they can find him on Hobbs Hill road, a few minutes’ walk from the murder scene. You can just cut through the woods past Thomas Flurries house and you’re there.





















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