More Dirt — actually, what is the deal with the accomplice theory going around part one.

I see you reading these posts — lots of you — you can’t hide up there.

I am probably one of the best investigators in the country. Think about it – who could just come into Grundy county, of all places, and crack open an incredibly complex web of deceit in a case such as this one. With no one talking – but I get them talking — by whatever means.  Anyone want to be in a film. N thee will be a film. Still need all the characters.

However, there are those who wish to Cherry-pick the true facts to suit their needs and then call the truth they don’t want to own up to: negative. A very bizarre juxtaposition, considering they are up against someone who not only knows a lot, but knows a lot more about other things that could easily spill out on the table.

For instance, I was asked by the family to talk to Braseel’s uncle Ed who was a friend of Malcolm’s – Ed Nunley, she thought he knew something,  Imojene’s brother – I di talk to him,  now for being Adam’s uncle, he was about the most evasive person I talked to and refused to talk about Malcolm. Why?

If he knew what Malcolm did for living, selling drugs, then this is important information. And how it could it hurt Malcolm, he’s dead.

It’s just no secret that there are those that say Ed was involved in Malcolm’s killing. Adam’s own attorney was saying something like this. Does that make it true, no.

Without a doubt the biggest hindrance to the Braseel family has been the Braseel family. Don’t get me wrong, I am sure this is scaring the crap out of the siblings, as they are fearful people.

Since day one, when I talked to Adam and his sister — both of them fought the idea that the witnesses against Adam were perhaps in league criminally.

No no no said Adam, blah blah some Christian bible crap, lol. I have been spiritual for many years. I don’t need some guy who can’t keep himself out of prison or brave enough to face his accusers to tell me anything about prayer – but thanks anyway. No offence.

They are weird but I like them and I like Imojene, the mother.  She also tried to pull that crap on me about how Adam was always at Sunday-school — never did drugs except some pot. I would just laugh.

Adam said he had not been to the mountain for three years before the murder. Problem is that Kirk said he saw him about a year before in the mountain with the murder with the McDaniel boy—which is good for the defense story so Adam said yes that’s true — then he changes the story – he meant going to the mountain in a certain way. Not physical.


I knew from the minute Dan Slepian from Dateline pulled out what I was dealing with – a lot of gray area, where Adam’s alibis are mostly criminals – and his child hood friends became dealers and crooks. There are other sisters lurking in the background who got caught up in drugs and yet – they are all upstanding Christians—nonsense.

The overwhelming evidence that I alone pulled up though points to a very corrupt court that absolutely warrants a new trial for Adam Braseel.
Innocence is for a jury to decide. Unless you are a nut case and have visions– plenty of them around.

Oh and so much more.















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