Serial killer on mountain or accidents? – body count rising — Roxanne Crabtree .

Serial killer on mountain or accidents? – body count rising — Roxanne Crabtree.

Roxanne Crabtree died the other day, just one of many deaths who were listed in Bevil’s potential witness list.

Josh Seagroves – said he was out driving around the mountain with Adam at the time of the murder and assault.

Rocky Seagroves.

Dana Fredrick, who allegedly said her dad Killed Malcolm.

Wanda Desmairis (Burrows) – claimed Adam helped Adam kill Krista Garners horses and then helped kill Malcolm.

April Cordova – Informant who gave police Adam’s name when police were told by Kirk Braden his assailant had red hair.

Becky Burrows (Hill) – testified Adam Braseel assaulted her. Dies shortly after her son Kirk was arrested for domestic assault.

Don Burrows – Adams mother Imojene said Maclom;s brother Don told her he didn’t think Adam did it and thought the murder must have had something to do with the horses his brother killed.

Candi Nipper — not a witness, but was the first local to take a part in the film. Candi had two pupils in each eye. We were told  she died of a stroke, but no further information has come forward.

Christopher McDaniel — Kirk Braden said he was driving with McDaniel a couple years before Maclom’s murder when  McDaniel pointed out Adam driving to their families swimming place. Saying when he made his initial statements that the assailant was not known to him  and when he did the line-up, that he had forgotten he did know who Adam was. When I interviewed Kirk he said he told police the night of the murder that he saw Adam Braseel and gave the police Adam’s name.  McDaniel died a couple months before the murder.

Here are two snitch statements that were not revealed to the defendant until aft the trial – though the stories about Adams involvement were apparently known to the jury foreman, according to the Braseel’s investigator, who said foreman Steve Trussler told him that Sheriff Myers had practically grown up in his house.  A very cozy relationship for a between Sheriff/witness and jury foreman if what Braseel’s investigator says is true.






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