The swath towards corruption claims in Avery case just got a whole lot wider with judges swipe at Kachinski

The Federal judges took a real swipe at Wisconsin by calling Kachinski’s actions indefensible. They of course know he did not appoint himself and they are essentially saying the case is corrupt as Kachinsky was part of a smear campaign to create their monster.

The judge adds this opinion, saying he can’t make a ruling based on Kachinski, but what he has to say is very clear to me. He thinks the PR smear campaign in the guise as a so called defense attorney is very wrong. The upshot is that now many questions will appear less like conspiracy theories, especially to those who live in Wisconsin, who would like to believe their courts are not so corrupt. As this is very scary to think how far people will go – especially for Mr. Dassey.

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Selling a Cat Killing Deviant Monster – publicity tricks of Prosecutors and the ABA – repost

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