No records on Malcolm Burrows murder were in the Sheriff files when Clint Shrum took office

Grundy County Sheriff Clint Shrum tells me that when he took office there were no records of Adam Braseel’s case in the files. Questioning, is there something someone wanted to hide. He said he would be happy to look at the case files, if someone brings them to him and talk to Adam, and talk to former Sgt Brown about the now alleged discrepancies of evidence – making it clear that this is all he could promise, a first step, and that there are procedures for taking things further – – if he finds it warranted. Very true. And very reasonable. He makes the distinction between his administration, and the former Sheriff. Very reasonable.

I also want to make that distinction, that when being critical of the action of the Sheriff’s office, we are talking about years 2006 – 7, NOT the present administration. From all I can tell, Mr Shrum is an excellent Sheriff, dealing with difficult problems and choices of how to establish law and order, a job few could do. I applaud one who takes this on with the sincerity that Mr Shrum shows.

There is no doubt that Adam Braseel was framed for the murder of Malcolm Burrows. From the bogus snitch letters compiled by Malcolm’s sisters and niece, to stolen evidence, perjury, several instances of altering witness statements — the facts clearly show he was framed. Some had reasons to deflect crimes from themselves, others simply to close a big murder case to look good.

It should be pointed out that Adam Braseel’s trial is the only trial in Grundy that has been videotaped! This was contracted by the local GCTV. So who wanted that to happen? And I can tell you for sure, that no one ever mentioned Malcolm being a drug dealer in court — Someone who was under investigation for a pill mill operation with a local nurse and doctor.

Think about that. This would be either too embarrassing for the DA and Sheriff to admit was going on under their noses, or it runs deeper. Since Adam Braseel has no ties to the pill mill operation, the frame job just falls into place to keep everyone else looking good.

Sgt Brown was the chief investigator on the case, he was taken off the force, after fourteen years, just months after the murder.

I forwarded to Clint Shrum SGT Browns communications, that when he found Malcolm’s body, his wallet was with him. This is not what was presented in court. The prosecutor made a very big deal about the wallet being stolen.It is the centerpiece of the murder case. The fudging of evidence of course cast even further doubt on the legitimacy of the assault case against Becky Hill

In the graphic you see that the theft of the wallet was the ONLY thing they had to make a circumstantial case against Adam for the murder of Malcolm.







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