Blaming Adam Braseel for the murder of Malcolm Burrows is like blaming the water boy for losing the Super Bowl

Which story would you more likley believe?
Adam Braseel, one night, decided to go beat a woman he never met and kill her brother Malcolm for no known reason.


There existed a certain enterprise run by Malcolm Burrows, nurse Garner and Doc Florence. The trio fed off of each other’s great fortune of exploiting the Medicare/pain pill loop-hole, after all who was in more pain than their constituents. People limped into pain clinics with various real or imagined aliments that required “treatment.” Not all were addicts, many just resold their supply to pay rent.

In this “untouchable” atmosphere, Doctor Florence adopted a British rock star persona, with a mod hairdo of long-hair-and-bangs, completed with signature Ozzy Osbourne glasses, making outlandish videos, attempting to pitch a reality show of his antics.

Nurse Garner, put her profits into high dollar Arabian horses.

No greater outward sign of entitlement though was from the trios “street connection”

Malcom Burrows. As the enterprise grew and greed set in, he bought a fleet of vans to transport the maximum number of “customers” to their clinic to generate an ever increasing pill flow. Heights of this plot run amok are seen when Malcolm , the dealer, runs for mayor. And when Tracy police chief challenged his enterprise, a battle ensued of threats and violence. Malcolm at one point turning the tables — challenging the way chief Taylor ran the police force – and he did it in the public eye – following him with a video camera — after all, what they did was almost legal, according to a law lobbied and passed by big pharma –  at one point Malcolm overthrew the chief himself, taking his job for a day by a coup staged at an alderman meeting.

When the State authorities finally came knocking, Malcolm was cut off from the supply as they had to cool it, a dispute on money occurred, Malcolm having financed the clinic, he wanted his money, but the nurses cash was tied up in the high dollar horses and she couldn’t pay so Malcolm got mad and killed them as a pyaback.

When Adam’s name got in the mix, either by informant or a person in Malcolm’s house at the time of the murder, what could be more convenient than to build a story around a valley boy, someone who if they could get away with blaming, would keep the heat off those involved in the grand scheme of things.

Blaming Adam Braseel for the murder of Malcolm Burrows is like blaming the water boy for losing the Super Bowl. Every use of denial, manipulation and deceit being used to cover up for the shame and responsibility of an enterprise running under the nose of law enforcement and the community as a whole.



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