Grundy County couldn’t even do the KKK correctly! Hold on, make sure you read.

  • In 1922, the Nashville KKK complained that men in Grundy were using the KKK in an un authorized way. They were ignoring the racist, anti-Catholic, anti-union and yes, temperance credos, the core of the official Klan’s bylaws and simply using the hoods to hide their identities while discussing what to do about their family’s imminent danger of losing their homes.

When the coal company threatened to evict 60 families during a strike, a group of men formed their own version of KKK. They put on hoods to discuss what retaliations they might do if the families were put on the street. Although a power plant was dynamited, talk of killing the owner and any scab labor never came to be. And when the strike was soon settled, the Grundy men showed great empathy when they agreed to let the scab labor work side by side.

This true story gives pause to what any American would do if their family was being put out of their home under these conditions. A climate where hired outside detectives hunted down those who fought the company owners – all to save their families.

It could be that things are not always what they seem to be. The struggle for justice is not always a clear picture. A lesson we all might take when pointing fingers. Especially now in our country so severely divided by historical misunderstandings – and lack of context — circumstances and unbiased accuracy being the real teller of truth — in my opinion only.

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