Was Avery’s Grand Am at the Fire-House — And Why?

See the fire boots, sure you do. And guess who was on the Avery lot under so many names and purposes. The Maribel Fire Chief/Auto wrecker – Paul Rabas. Whose firehouse just happens to have some bays — just that size!

Fire Chief Paul Rabas, whom also works or owns Rabas Garage Inc In Maribel, WI. He was at the Avery Yard the days it was searched in November 2005 and in March 2006. He is listed as coming to the yard as Paul Rabas Fire Department. Paul Rabas from the Rabas Auto Wreckers. And also As Paul Rabas from Rabas Garage. He is not mentioned as transferring anything via CASO report so why exactly was he coming as the AUTO guy? Maribel also seems to have 2 other Rabas being on the property as well. A Dennis Rabas and a Eugene Rabas. http://www.stevenaverycase.org/…/…/CASO-Crime-Scene-Logs.pdf

Also David B. Cousin of Teresa’s said he stopped at the Avery salvage yard looking for TH. He also stopped at a towing company in Maribel he states. Wonder if it was Rabas Garage? His statement is on Page 57. (Thank you Carrie Meindle)





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