Gruesome details of witness death offered by relative of Dana Fredrick – Adam Braseel case

From the accounts of a relative of Dana Frederick, a well-liked young woman whose death has been questioned, she sates that one night she learned Dana was picked up by the Sheriff’s office on a vague charge; this was during the Myers administration. The relative wanted to bail her out right away, but was told Dana could not be bailed out until the next day.

However, Dana WAS bailed out that very night by someone else, and then found dead. it was called an accident.

But the relative does not think so. She believes her injuries were staged in the most gruesome way.

Saying she believes Dana Fredrick was propped up, sitting, leaning on a tree, while the bumper of a car was backed into her head.

Whether this is true, we may not know, but one thing is for sure is the that Dana’s name is front and center to the case of Malcolm Burrows.

In testimony and a statement taken at the jail by Myers, a man revealed that he was riding in a car with Dana and her partner Dewayne Layne. He recalls a heated argument broke out between the two in which Dewayne threatened – “if she didn’t shut up he would beat the hell out of her.” In which Dana replied “My dad Eck Frederick will kill you just like he killed Malcolm Burrows.”

Dewayne kept telling her not to say anything else about that.

And Dana kept saying “Just Like Malcolm.” “Just Like Malcolm”






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