I have put Sgt Brown and the Sheriff together — as it all comes unraveled.

Sgt. Brown, who was pushed off the Malcolm Burrow’s murder case and soon after left Grundy county — has returned. He revealed to me many severe inconsistencies — between what HE had discovered at the crime scene, and what was presented in court.

Namely, the wallet of Malcolm Borrows. The prosecutor claimed when the body was found  it was missing, and that Adam Braseel had stolen it — the motive for murder and center piece of their circumstantial case for homicide.

Ending a long hunt down a trail of cover-ups. As from the beginning there was something missing. Sgt Mike Brown.

Oh sure you heard his name in court — Mike Brown told us this and Mike brown said that — but where was Mike Brown himself.

Why did he not testify in court?

He offered to testify, he said, but his offer was declined — and now we now why – so they could lie — and they could only do that without Sgt Mike Brown.

And straight to the top does this cover-up continue, to the desk of Andrew Coulam at the Attorney Generals office in Nashville. As they Claim Sgt Brown did testify in court — funny – he was a thousand miles away at the time.

Oh wait, they did one better, they claimed Sgt Troy Brown was the crime scene investigator who discvored the body. There is a Sgt Troy Brown in Franklin county, who had nothing to with or was not anywhere near the crime scene on Jan 7th, 2006. He did testify to something minor having to do with the Braseel house in Estill Springs. So in him they found their man to deceive. A little switcheroo it was.

What a scam. They have been either tricking the court of appeals for seven years, or worse. As the appeal record is written by the judges. You can look it up on line and see for your self.

In the purloined letter, by Edgar Alan Poe,  C. August Dupin finds a deadly letter hidden in plain sight. How? The letter was turned in side out and re-addressed with another name.

Sgt Brown was turned inside out, showing us Sgt Troy Brown – not the real Grundy County Investigator that discovered the crime scene alone — who has now come forward with the truth.

Nice try fellas. Nice try.





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