Who would steal a wallet from a corpse to make their case as motive for murder?

Sheriff Shrum says he has no reason not to believe Sgt. Mike Brown’s statement to him that Malcolm’s wallet was in his pocket when he left the body with TBI agent Larry Davis, Lonnie Cleek and Sheriff Myers.

Mr. Shrum and Sgt. Brown have known each other in law enforcement for decades  –  before Brown left Grundy county before the trial, which he was never asked to testify to. Now resurfacing with new evidence of evidence tampering in the Braseel case.

From the this photo without the wallet,taken after Brown had left the scene, it appears  the pants are falling off, indicating that the body was dragged to this location. Corroborating Brown’s statement that he found the body some 50 feet from where Larry Davis testified it was discovered.



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