Tools of the State – an observation on the Avery Dassey cases

For Steven Avery, there is truism, a circumstance of fate – that had his nephew, Brendan Dassey, simply refused to talk to investigators, there would have been no case on him, and therefore, no monster story, or accomplice story spilling into to the jury room for his uncle Steven Avery;s trial.. In fact,at that point, Brendan would be an Alibi for his uncle, and Avery, despite the mound of physical evidence against him, would likely have been acquitted for the murder of Teresa Halbach.

This is quite a testimony to such distrust of their own court system and police. But why would they trust them? seeing what happened in another case where a man was just found to be framed–  someone familiar – just happened to be Avery himself.

This suspicion was of their own doing. And the reluctance to correct it is very telling. That it took a couple of law students to put pressure on the court or finally get a simple test made to clear him. One that could have been made long before  And you can be sure that Manitowoc prosecutors never lifted a finger to help Avery get out of prison. Any claim of this, is pure, after-the-fact,” myth building.

It is important to know, that while convicted of murder, Avery was acquitted of mutilating a corpse. — the jury simply did not believe Avery burned a body in his fire pit. That was the verdict, and it will never change, as double jeopardy is the law of the land.

Yet it still remained, that if Teresa Halbach’s key was found in Avery’s trailer, and his blood was found in her SUV, and if he was the last to see her before she was murdered, then this alone, is very strong evidence to convict. Again though, that is, if one didn’t know what happened before.

Pre Brendan’s confession, polling of the community shows locals were very willing to entertain the evidence was once again planted. Wisconsin knew of his overturned conviction, it was on the news night and day. An “Avery Bill,” was named for him, as they amitted they had made a bad mistake, at least — with many people saying, he was cold heartedly framed.

The prosecution, knowing it doesn’t matter what they say about the evidence, it would be a jury to decide if they prosecuted. They knew they had a problem. Sure they had a case with some blood and a key, but there was still a very good chance a jury would remember, how sure they all were before.

The defense, at that juncture, may not have had to do much more, than point out what happened last time. As how many would really buy a Pam Sturm? Or that a lone key was found, after multiple searches?

Would anyone have believed any of it, had they not been told of an accomplice, someone who spilled the beans — and someone who fingered his own uncle. And in the most horrendous way.

Every man, woman and child in Wisconsin knew the story Ken Kratz unfolded.

The bondage, torture, raping, stabbing and shooting of a young hapless attractive photographer, lured by the half-naked sweaty rapist cat killer, the poor young woman so thoroughly violated, while unwittingly making her rounds – there is little else possible, that could be stuffed into a horror story – and the public and jury, readily ate it up.



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