Things that “disappeared” in the Adam Braseel case.

Things that disappeared in the Adam Braseel case.

1: TBI, Kim Harmon, Investigation on Malcolm Burrows, Krista Garner and Doctor Florence, three individuals involved in large scale narcotics fraud – simply vanished when Braseel was arrested. No mention of the investigation was made in court.

2: Investigative officer Brown, who made the discovery of the crime scene was taken off the case and was not brought to testify.

3: Witness statement of Jay Douglas, who saw alternate suspects at crime scene matching the description of eye witness accounts.

4: Evidence – Malcolm Burrows wallet was there when his body was found by officer Brown, then vanished.

  1. Malcolm Burrows Chevy Blazer – vanished.

6: Malcolm Burrows house – vanished. No address listed in court record.

7: Packet of snitch letters instigated by Wanda Burrows, her sister, niece, Sheriff Myers and Judge Nelson Layne, clearly show a conspiracy to frame Adam Braseel by accusing him of being in on killing nurse Krista garners horses after Wanda’ brother Don announced Malcolm killed the nurse’s horses. None of this made it in the court record, yet this information was spread to the jury pool with no proof or any substantiation that Braseel had anything to do with the drug ring run by Malcolm, Garner and Florence –or any reason why he would be involved in this scheme of retaliation for something he was not part of.

8: Malcolm’s well known feud with Tracy City police chief Andy Taylor: vanished from the consciousness of the trial judge and all law enforcement. The feud being directly related to Malcolm’s enterprise with the pill mill.

Other Items of note:

Sheriff Myers, being up for election, was being backed by the pharmacy who videotaped the trial to promote his election. If ever there was an act of collusion to simply ignore all the people who would want Malcolm killed, this is one for the books. It is a microcosm of influence peddling, and corruption of a court at its core.

That trial Judge Perry did not recuse himself as his son was directly involved in the same business as Malcolm was — another point of vanishing justice. Every possible effort was made to hide from the defendant what everyone in law enforcement knew. That Malcolm Burrow’s was being investigated with Nurse Garner and doctor Florence, was in the pill trade and in feud with the police because of it.

The scramble to find a patsy to hide the corruption of the Sheriff’s office and the 12th circuit is blatantly obvious. That they found an accomplice in Wanda Burrows is not surprising as the campaign was a success. The pill mill kept rolling, the Burrows sister continued to get drugs from the nurse — the investigation went away. Myers got elected. And so forth.

As far as the assault on Malcolm’s sister Becky, and her testimony that it was Adam Braseel who did it. simply hold up the arrest record of her son for beating her — and ask why he was not investigated when the 911 call came for the very same crime. There being no evidence other than these two tragic characters putting Braseel at the crime scene, no motive or connection, one sees how thoroughly corrupt this case has been all the way to the criminal court of appeals.

Perjury, altering and manufacturing evidence., stealing evidence and the multiple Brady violations of hiding evidence from the defendant,  makes this perhaps the most shameful case in Tennessee history since the way black men were railroaded in the past.

















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