Decision nearing in Braseel case from appeal court — it some how seems absurd this is even happening.

There is no doubt, that in coming into this case, the testimony of Becky Hill was powerful. As why would she lie about who beat her up? In talking to the former defense attorneys, they seemed pretty much torn apart by it and reached some bizarre compromise — perhaps believing that Adam was involved with an accomplice.

However, they are not investigators. I am. And if it took putting up a phony horror Film called Fear the hills to get to the truth, then so be it. It is not a reflection on me but on how difficult it is to get any one to come forward. And in this regard, it has been a complete success. And possibly the only thing that would work. And it did.

To the outsider, there was a rumor that Malcolm was in the drug business. But the former Sheriff’s office kept no records — or destroyed them– just ask the current Sheriff.

Rumor is not fact though, and I needed facts if I were to convince anyone. Through the website as the film maker, I found a witness who was part of Malcolm’s operation and confirmed what he did. She also brought me into his house the day of the murder by her account. It was after this, that other people started coming forward, confirming what was going on. Those are facts. backed with the arrest records I finally found where his house had been raided for for drug seizures. And his feud with the police chief etc… all of which was hidden fomer the defendant.

Once I put the pieces together on how and why TBI agent Larry Davis perjured himself — because they simply pushed Mike Brown off the case and wanted to tell their own version of events, once this was published, Mike Brown came forward, as this is very serious business,

Whatever one might believe as to innocence or guilt, what your gut tells you, is secondary to the right to a fair trial. Perjury has no place in a fair trial. No matter what one thinks. Neither does evidence tampering.

In my investigation I find both evidence tampering and withholding of evidence — without question. For one thing, the return of Mike Brown is proof of both. With the stealing of the dead man’s wallet and the forgery of witness statements.

But there is also the tampering with the Jay Douglas statement – the withholding of the snitch letters and other witnesses who were exculpatory to Adam’s case.

There is the altering of Angie White’s testimony in the court of appeals records and the hiding of the real Sgt. Brown by the same court.

The case is replete with constitutional violations so numerous I lose count.

The question is whether the appeals court knows about them. I don’t know. All I can do is write about them and share them with the AG’s office and one who has the ability to read and see the facts I present, which are just fact. I don’t present my opinions. I am very experienced in constitutional law and this type of investigation, yet I am very frustrated.

I see activity at the court and believe they have reached their decision of whether to overturn Judge Angels decision to vacate Adam’s conviction.

Based on what I know now, the hearing for probable cause was a complete fraud and the indictments itself is no good. So there should not even be a trial unless the state can come up with a shred of proof that Adam Braseel was connected to the crimes.

As far as witness testimony, perhaps the easiest evidence for the state to warp and twist to its purpose, they will have no chance in court — even with a first year law student. They will never get around Kirk Braden’s arrest for domestic abuse while living with his mother, dug up in this investigation. Because it explains why a woman would lie – to save her own son she would. If Braden would have been charged with beating his mother that night, he would most likely been convicted of the murder of Malcolm too – whether he did it or not.

So whether someone convinced Becky Hill to lie so the murdered wouldn’t get way, may never bee known, yet it is the most likely scenario. The pressure from the family. And it could be why she was beaten in 2010 and perhaps even why she died.

There is just no doubt though, she was not telling the truth when she testified on many levels. And now we know why, to saver her son, and go along with the family wishes.

Yet Adams fate still hangs in a balance. It is really unbelievable the sheer incompetence that I have seen in this case, all the way around. Hope for the best.





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