Malcolm Burrows — about the man who was murdered.

Malcolm Burrows was a business man. He was tenacious and worked the angles. In his partnership in a pill clinic with Nurse Garner and Doctor Florence, there was nothing illegal in what they were doing as far as facilitating people in getting pain medication. If he went and picked up folks in his van to take to the clinic to get prescriptions from the nurse, there was nothing illegal in that. It was the law of the state. The people had the right to get pain medication, and they had the right to get it paid for by Medicare or Tenncare.

The questions arising out of the Adam Braseel case have nothing to do with Malcolm Burrows being portrayed as a criminal, whether he was or not. They have to do with the enemies he may have made in is business that would want him dead. Motive for murder. The other motive being good ole domestic problems with those  living with him or claiming to– all crammed in his shack together. His sister and her thirty three year old  son. Becky Hill and Kirk Braden.

Malcolm, at the time of his death was six three, carried with him a ball bat like the one found in the trash with his sister’s blood on it – at other times he was known to be carrying a pistol. Kirk Braden said he put the bat in the trash can. So did TBI agent Larry Davis. These small bats were pretty common as Adam had one in his car too. His, unlike others, came up clean. No blood. There was no other weapon found at the scene, and Adam’s car and all of his clothes and hat had no blood on them. Which would be an amazing thing to pull off. To pummel two people bloody yet be squeaky clean. Even Davis said there were pools of blood in the house. So any blood on the shoes would have transferred to the car. So where is it?

Blood does not clean off easy. Not even regular bleach works or washing in the machine with detergent. Only peroxide bleach works, not household chlorine bleach, and you would have to know this to get past the standard Luminal testing. So when would Adam Braseel had time to bleach his clothes and car and how would he know how to do this, even if he had the time? He surrendered his car and clothing – and all of his possession came up clean.

Adam Braseel was convicted based on the robbery of Malcolm’s wallet, which contained eight hundred dollars, according to his sister Becky. (This robbery itself has now been shown to be a fraud. Sgt Mike Brown, the original investigator pushed off the case, has made it clear that when he turned the body over to the Sheriff and the TBI, Malcolm’s fat wallet was sticking out of his back pants pocket.)

The state offered the robbery of the wallet as the sole motive for murder. Eight hundred dollars, yet ignored the sixty-five-thousand-dollar motive. Malcolm’s cash investment in the clinic.

They also ignored the open feud Malcolm had with police chief Randy Taylor.

The chief may have believed or known that Malcolm went further than merely facilitating customers to his clinic. That he was arranging the re-sale of the pills. But Malcolm by all appearances was not going to be leaned on by the police and confronted chief Randy Taylor. He would even follow Taylor around with a video camera. Perhaps each questioning the others activities as who was doing more wrong.

This is all well known in Grundy if you read the Grundy County Herald. Malcolm was arrested by Taylor for threatening him. Malcolm’s house was raided and narcotics were found. All of which was published in the Herald.

Malcolm came from a large family of well-established Burrows. His brother Don Burrows had the well-known Don’s Auto Body Shop, He had sisters Rachel, Wanda, Becky and Blanche –  brothers, Stanley, Bill, Leslie and Jack.

Law enforcement’s Tracy Shrum offered that Adam was probably convicted because that’s what the Burrows wanted, suggesting an influence the large family had in the region.

At Malcolm’s funeral, sister Wanda heard her brother Don tell Adam mother Imojene he didn’t think Adam did it, it was because Malcolm killed the nurse’s horses. And all that went with that. But Imojene did not know what “all that” meant.

But Wanda did.

Being a horse killer is of course not a great thing. And if Don was correct, she knew that is all anyone would talk about. Wanda’s first action was to say Adam killed the horses with Malcolm. To even the playing field.

It was the bizarre nature of the snitch letters that took a while to decipher.

On the one hand she said Adam helped Malcolm kill the horses and then on the other it inferred Adam changed sides and killed Malcolm. Out of context, this makes zero sense.


But in context of this:

“Malcolm’s a horse killer”

“Well so is Adam then.”

Though childish, it makes sense.

There is no way Wanda could ever take back what Don the patriarch of the family had said about his own brother, the only thing she could do is claim they were accomplices.

Maybe Don did not approve of all this pill business the other family members were getting into. Or he knew the murder was part of a domestic dispute. Don is deceased as well as Wanda and now the niece Roxanne.

In the REAL world – none of what was said in the snitch letters was ever presented in court by the prosecution, yet the jury knew enough of the various accusation made by Wanda, her sister and niece, as good enough rumors to make a verdict in two hours. Or, what is known in the real world as jury tampering.

Prosecutor Strain was fully aware the jury knew of the snitch letters he dared not enter into court. He spoke directly to them, saying o thee jury—“even if you believe Adam was an accomplice you should convict.” What accomplice, where. There was no accomplice theory introduced in court. he spoke to the jury of thing he knew they had learned out of court. Now how would he know they knew these things unless he told them or told someone to tell them?

If the prosecution had not kept the snitch letter secret from the Braseel’s, they would have had to put Malcolm and Adam together – and the fact is they, could not produce a witness who ever saw them together. Nor could we.

In asking those involved in Malcolm’s business, none of them claimed to see Adam with Malcolm or the nurse. Or any one involved in his activities.

If Adam had actually known Malcolm in secret, one fact would stand out. If he had planned on killing him, he would have been sure to be armed.  As from most accounts, Malcolm carried a weapon on him. He was big and he was still strong at the age of sixty.

Clearly they could not establish a connection between Adam and Malcolm or his business associates. Nor could anyone else. It was all done through a secret inference and jury manipulation. Feeding them a rumor from un verified snitch letters.

The fact remains that Becky Hill was the only one who said she knew the contents of her brother’s wallet, and she made claim on half of it in court. Why?

No knowing that the wallet was stolen after it was turned over to the Sheriff and the TBI, I believe it quite possible she was negotiating from the stand for half the money.

Her car being a hotwired, Chrysler registered as a Honda, speaks to the way things are sometimes done up there.

James Caldwell, the first officer on the scene reported this. He was on the police force with Taylor. And he too never testified.

In any event, many say Malcolm was a good guy, maybe not some would say that. As far as who killed him from all the possible suspects?  The one who went to prison is the only one cleared or tested.

Everyone else has provable crimes they have committed. Domestic abuse, perjury, larceny. Funny the person Grundy chose to convict.


















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